Mommies, you might be making these swaddling mistakes (And it’s dangerous)

Parenting comes with a whole lot of rules (which change with time, of course) and we are bound to make a few, if not too many, mistakes. What worked back then might sound downright hideous in today’s world. For instance, having honey was a tradition back then, but is considered a blunder today.

That said, I knew little or nothing about swaddling until I had my son. Until then I only thought babies were wrapped that way because they looked cute and it was easy to hold them. But, when lil N was born and we had sleepless days and nights, Google threw up this option for us and we can’t be more thankful for it.

Babies are thrown out into this cold world, from a warm, cosy place they call mommy’s womb. So, it’s only fair we help them through the transition and make it a smooth one. As much as swaddling can be a boon, it can also be dangerous if not done right!

Here are some swaddling mistakes you need to stop committing right now!

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1. Swaddling in a car seat

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While most mommies think it’s best to swaddle babies even when they are in the car seat, turns out it can be dangerous as hell. Swaddling and placing the baby on the car seats can cause the shoulder restraints to loosen up and not serve the purpose thereafter. The child can also be ejected from the car seat, causing much harm.

2. Swaddling with arms out

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Sorry to all the babies out there, but your arm wriggling game might not work anymore! Mommies, make sure you secure their hands inside, while you swaddle. Arms out can let them wriggle out of the swaddle easily and the rest you know will be history. Plus, swaddling with arms inside, will make them feel like how they were inside your belly, which will, in turn, help them sleep better.

3. Swaddling after the baby rolls over

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Once your baby reaches a stage where he/she can roll, it's time you stop swaddling! The swaddle can only mean discomfort when the baby rolls, leading to incomplete or disturbed sleep. And that, we are sure is not what mommy wants. That aside, swaddling can be dangerous for babies who roll over also because it can lead to breathing issues and injuries.

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4. No swaddling while angry!

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Mommies, it's time you stopped swaddling your babies when he/she is cranky as hell! Sorry if that was a little too blunt, but yes, swaddling cannot be used as a punishment. The negative association can only lead to the baby developing a hatred for it and in turn making it their worst enemy. Try skin-on-skin contact, cuddling, hugging, walking around with baby in your arm and only when all of these fail, should swaddling be an option.

5. Not securing the swaddle

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And after all the war, you finally swaddled your baby and he is fast asleep? Well, congratulations! However, one thing most of us forget is the importance to secure the swaddle tightly, so that it doesn’t pop out. After all the struggle, you don’t want to be doing it all over again! Well, while securing a safety pin might be an option, we must remember we are dealing with babies here. So, the best way is to pick a cloth that is big enough to be wrapped around and has enough room to be secured. Also, you don’t want the blanket on your baby’s face, interfering with her breathing during the night. So tuck it in tightly, and make sure it’s all in place before everyone hits the bed.

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That said, here’s how to swaddle your baby. Watch the video now!

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