Mommies, doing this can make your child ‘hate’ food! Beware

As parents, we all love to make meal time fun for our kids. From reeling out superhero stories to playing peek-a-boo, mommies can go to any extent to see the plate empty. And it is in this process that we also pass some lose comments (unintentional) which can hurt kids and even make them hate food. The things we say to get our kids finish their food can hurt their little minds more than you ever thought!

So, mommies here’s what you need to stop telling your kid!

1. Eat fast

As moms, by default, we end up saying this to our kid at least once a day. But, little do we know we are hurting those little minds in saying so. According to your child, this can mean he is incapable of doing things at a good pace or even that he is wasting your time by being slow.

A better thing to say: Please eat your food while it’s hot, it is tastier.

2. See your sister/brother finished his meal

This is one common statement parents make, when siblings eat together. This can make your child think he is useless and everyone other than her is a better eater. Plus mommy likes him/her more! You clearly don’t want to make your child feel inferior. So, cut it right away.

A better thing to say: It’s ok! You will get there soon too. You are doing good too!

3. Finish your greens and I’ll give you...

Studies reveal that kids often tend to take the reward part a bit too serious than the ‘must eat’. Plus this can also become a habit and he will soon start expecting little treats for every task you want him to do.

A better thing to say: Instead of promising treats, try interesting ways to make him eat those veggies. Soups, salad with his favourite topping or simply offering it in an interesting dish or plate can help.

4. You are so picky

Kids can remember and hold on to things for a really long time (yes, its true). So, firstly, think twice before you say anything. Never label your kid. Remember, they understand every little thing you say and for all you know, it might come right back at you!

A better thing to say: Don’t spell it out that he is picky. Instead find ways to make meal time fun. Get them to lay the table, fill water, serve food and you will see how they begin to concentrate on eating a meal together than the meal itself.

5. Take a few more bites

When you let them decide how much they want to eat, you are eventually letting them understand their tummy and also effectively manage hunger. Plus, it is a good way to brush up their decision making skills.

A better thing to say: Make sure you eat enough or your might not have the energy to play!

6. Eat this, it’s good for you

Let’s admit it! Not all good things look, taste or feel nice. For instance, greens don’t look appealing enough to kids from any angle, so there is no way your little one will be convinced to eat it. A better way to handle this will be to tell your kid the goodness of greens, the nutritional value etc. In fact, studies reveal that kids like to know about what they eat. It helps them eat better.

A better thing to say: Try this, it is good for you (Followed by some nutritional facts that would interest kids)

7. You don’t like it? Shall I make something else?

We all like to have choices in life, but with kids, you really need to watch it. ‘What would you like to eat?’ is an instant question all mommies tend to ask kids if he does not like what’s already on his plate. However, this can mean a lot of harm in future.  Kids tend to think they get everything they ask for and also that force feeding never exists. That aside, eating together teaches them family bonding, sharing and also lets them taste and accept a wider variety of food over time.

A better thing to say: We cannot waste what is made already. So let’s enjoy this today and tomorrow I will cook what you like.

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