Mommies, be prepared to face this once you wean your baby!

Ask any mom and she is bound to real out a dozen stories about her breastfeeding journey. From latching issues to peeing and farting while feeding, mothers make a whole lot of memories even as they breastfeed their newborn. And like all good things, this too comes to an end and very soon mommies begin to cherish those good old days.

Well, this one is for those mommies! If you just weaned off your child and are breathing a sigh of relief, hold on as you sure are going to miss a few things.

Here’s what every mommy misses after she’s done with breastfeeding.

1. The crazy positions

Remember the crazy positions your child tired while breastfeeding? As they get older, their attention gets diverted easily and they end up trying to reach out to a host of other things, even while feeding. And you almost become an acrobat, trying to hold your child while breastfeeding.

2. Looking at your child’s features

No one knows your child’s features better than you! There, we said it. The first time you started breastfeeding, we are sure you would have memorised every inch of your child’s face. Those sparkling eyes, the tiny fingers, the bushy eye brows, the rosy lips, you made sure you knew everything about your little one’s face and breastfeeding only made this possible for you.

3. The sounds your child makes

The sweet sounds your child makes while breastfeeding are sure to ring in your ears even after you wean them off. While those might have been normal sounds, they sounded like songs to your ears. It also reminded you of the bond you shared with your baby and you are sure to miss all of it after you stop breastfeeding your baby.

4, The very first time you started breastfeeding

Remember the first time you and your baby battled trying to figure out the correct position? And then he latched on perfectly and started feeding like crazy! Well, that is the moment every mom treasures and you sure will recollect it a dozen times, even after you wean your baby.

5. The funny things they do

From making weird faces and noises to getting grabby at times, kids tend to do a whole lot of funny things while breastfeeding. Oh, and how can we forget those simultaneous coughs and burps! They were the funniest and we are sure all you moms out there would agree with us on this one!

What do you miss about breastfeeding? Share your experience in the comments below!

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