I’m a health food fan and my kids still fall ill

Indian Mom worried about her child 's health - ZenParent
The other day my mom called me and she asked me how the kids were. I said my older one is sick and at home. So then she asked me “How is it you buy organic produce and you seem to be feeding them a wide variety of foods and yet they still seem to be falling sick a lot “. I was not sure if she was taking a dig that I am wasting my money buying organic food, or whether she was commenting on the fact that, when I was a child, there was no special food cooked for me. Cooking was done according to adult requirements of spice and many days I used to eat curd rice because I could not handle the spice levels of the main courses. I, on the other hand have stopped using red chilli powder in any vegetables I cook because my children would refuse to eat them and I don’t have the patience to make one version for the adults and one version for the kids. Sometimes I make a spicy gravy for the adults, or else, just eat it with pickle!why kids are fall ill - ZenParentEvery evening when my kids come home I give them a fruit or veggie salad along with some carbs. I almost never make deep fried stuff at home. I try to give them boiled channa dal, broad beans etc. for protein, egg as often as possible, make sure every meal has a vegetable content… and yet... my kids are the scrawniest on the block and seem to fall sick so often. So when my mom turns on the snark meter, I am speechless! I admit, both my husband and I were very scrawny growing up. So in fact when my daughter was born, feeding her and making her a chubby baby was my life’s mission pretty much at that point. I lived from paediatric appointment to appointment, obsessed with her weight. She was a podgy beautiful baby and I fed her everything that was promoted as healthy from Ragi porridge to avocado milkshakes. And yet, when she hit 5 years of age, her genes caught with her I suppose, and she has been skinny ever since.mom worrying about her child health - ZenParentYes, a part of me understands that no matter what you feed your kids, they will more or less grow to their genetic potential and there is a lot riding on their DNA, metabolism etc. But when a mother is doing all that she possibly can to feed her kids – makes sure there are fruits and veggies, nuts and butters, tasty and organic, worries over the fact that strawberries and grapes are very good for health but unless they are organic they are supposed to carry the highest pesticide content and therefore not buying them for her kids when they love it so much. etc. etc. etc..! and then her kids look like they have been imported from Somalia, and her own dad guffaws at her organic grocery bill, it hurts! Really hurts!Featured Image Source