Mission Possible: Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

How kids can eat healthy- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Veggies? Yuck! ...    Milk? Oh no!!...  Eggs? Not again!! …

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Now that meal won't finish nicely
Tired of running behind your kids persuading them to have food that is good for them? Undoubtedly, getting your kid to eating healthy is a daunting task!

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Kids are smart enough to realize that taste and health often don’t get along. So we parents need to be smarter to overcome that notion!Try these techniques to get your kid to eat healthy…1. Make food look interesting:Colours and shapes play a big role in getting kids interested in the food kept in front of themTip: Cutting an apple in star shaped pieces or offering colourful meals like mixed veggies/ salads often work.


Yay! I'll eat it all!

2. Avoid sneaking veggies in your kids’ favorite dish:

Sneaking might seem to be an easy way. But if your kid realizes that mom has been hiding vegetables in my favorite food, there are high chances that the plan backfires!Tip: Choose recipes that have healthy ingredients and resemble their preferred dishes. Let your kid know that “The tasty smoothie that you drank today had carrots added”. This will help realize that veggies are not yucky after all.


Caught ya Mommy!

3. Share fun facts about their food:

Telling your kids that certain food items are “good for health” will not work because they do not understand or value health at this point.Tip: If they do not like strawberries (for example), then saying, “Strawberries are the only fruit which has its seeds on its outer skin” might be an interesting fact to a curious kid.


Ahan! Om nom nom...

4. Control that sweet tooth:

Your kid might love adding sugar to everything he/she eats. Processed food like cereal, jelly, maple syrup, ketchup etc  that we sometimes encourage our kids to eat, also contains a huge amount of sugar(and salt).Tips: Encourage your kids to eat fruits instead of drinking fruit juice. As far as possible, use natural sweeteners like honey, jaggery, fresh fruits, dry fruits and home-made jams/purees.


I'll only have some..
5. Use your Imagination!Rename those chapatis and veggies into magical fairy food or prehistoric animals. I do this with my daughter and you should see the enthusiasm with which she vigorously chews the "snake"(bhindi) and the hippo("chappati").Tip: Build a story around the food - the crazier the better!

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Woooh! Now that's some story..