“Meet the woman who grows trees from pens! “

Garbage is increasingly becoming a matter of big concern in our country. Although waste segregation and disposal norms have made their way into homes, this woman did not stop with just that. Lakshmi Menon, who hails from a small town in Ernakulam, specialises in paper-craft, and did something fabulous by stitching together her design skills and her love for nature! 

Doing her bit to a greener world, Lakshmi runs an organisation which makes pens. Unlike other pens, which we either trash or buy new refills for further usage, these pens are eco-friendly. 

Lakshmi Menon, combined her skill for design and her love for the environment and designed pens which had buried seeds at the bottom. So, once the pen has been used up, it can just be planted into the soil and the seed sprouts from the bottom.

The seeds the pen carry are those of the versatile Agasthya tree, also known as the Humming bird tree.

Apart from up-cycling paper, reducing waste and planting more trees, Lakshmi’s unique business also offers employment to women and paraplegic persons from underprivileged backgrounds. She proudly admits her 90-year-old grandma is the CEO of her company, while her mother takes care of the quality checks.

And imagine, if we all bid goodbye to the ball points and ink pens and switched to these eco-friendly pens! We might just have a planet full of tress!

Watch this video! 

Feature Image Source: YouTube