Meet The ‘Timri’ Woman

Kusum Rohra is your poster child for the new-age educated woman’s mantra. “We’ve got Options”.She worked in the IT Industry for 12 years. She was a regular career woman making great money working as a  Business Analyst. One day, she decided that she wanted more in life. She wanted to be an entrepreneur who can march to her own beat. This led her to start “Timri” ( a boutique store for clothing, jewellery and accessories located in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Now they have expanded into a garden store as well. From a very humble beginning with just two labels of small private designers, today they showcase the work of about 30 labels. They even ship internationally to customers abroad. Kusum says that one of the reasons for her to be in this business is the opportunity to interact with so many creative people. Her dream is to grow Timri into a strong online outlet which will give her the flexibility to work out of anywhere.


 She admits that not everyone approved of her quitting her well-paying IT Job. And that is a fact of life. No matter how much money you have, it is never easy to stop that cheque that hits your bank account every month. It is never easy to make that decision to say “Loved the cash, but I now need to do something else”. Her rocks of support she says are her husband Rajesh, and her brother Sanjay, who joined her in the new venture.  She has a 6-month old baby and she says “I do not want to miss a moment of her childhood. I am always aware of how fleeting and precious the early years are”. Her husband takes care of the baby when she has to step out of the house and they have an equal partnership.


When asked about the challenges of managing a thriving business and a new-born baby, she is realistic about it. She had to let go of certain opportunities because they simply could not be managed given how small her baby is. While “Timri” could scale greater heights, at this point in time, she has decided that her priority is the baby and she can always amp up the business when her baby is a little older.When I asked her “what is your advice to new moms?”, she said “ Be easy on yourself”.  You may not be able to get things done at the pace at which you could earlier and she describes herself as an energetic person who likes to get things done perfectly. However, being a mom to a new baby allows you only a certain bandwidth. Go with the flow. Make peace with the fact that this is a time to slow down.  Enjoy the present, and nurture your time with the new baby. Everything else can wait, is her philosophy! We like her clarity.