Married to a mamma’s boy? We have good news for you!

While being a daddy’s girl is considered cool, the society considers it a taboo to be a mamma’s boy! Yes, think about it. Isn’t this true? No woman wants her husband to be a mother’s baby simply because it is believed that mamma’s boys are incapable of making their own decision or are spoilt by too much pampering. On the contrary, daddy’s daughters are considered strong and independent. There simply is no logical reason for this gender bias.

Very often, the society has its empathy towards women married to mamma’s boys, simply because she is devoid of her husband’s love and respect. Well, this is simply unrealistic and there is a whole new side to this.

So, dear women, here are 5 reasons why you must totally be proud if you are married to a mother’s boy!

1. He will respect and love you

“A man who treats his woman like a PRINCESS is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a QUEEN.” Heard of this? A man who loves his mother to the moon and back is sure to treat his wife like a princess. And by that we don’t mean showering her with pricey gifts or lavish holidays! He is sure to give her the space and will be all ears to hear out her opinions and thereby take an unbiased stand in every situation. 

2. He is strong and responsible

A mother not only pampers her child, but also ensures she instils the right values. Kindness, responsibility, emotional and physical strength are all qualities that every man imitates from his mother. So, you can be dead sure that mamma’s boys will be emotionally and physically strong to handle family responsibilities.

3. He values emotions 

Yes you read that right! Not all men are emotional or even like women crying at the drop of a hat, but mammas’s boys are a tad bit different. A mother teaches her son to be emotionally intelligent, more than being a pro at academics and this helps them recognise and articulate their feelings, and also understand those of others. That is the reason these boys grow up to be emotionally sensitive and are also effective communicators.

4. He needs you and is not afraid to admit it

A mother is the nucleus for any man and mamma’s boys take this to a whole new level. While most women complain about how men are always glued to their mom’s aprons, there is good in this too. You are the most important woman in his life after his mother, so hang in there. If it means making a little extra effort to gel with your mom-in-law, don’t hesitate to do so, because this is going to put you in his good books. It is all about earning the respect he had reserved for his mother alone, while keeping your identity intact. And when all this is done, he sure will not think twice from admitting how much he loves and needs you.

5. He wants a strong connection with you!

We all need love and attention and men are wired in a way that they need a little more than women. So if your man is a mamma’s boy, don’t be a control freak! Instead, support him in showing his love and watch how it helps your relationship. After all, no man likes a control-freak! So make the most out of the love he has for his mom and you will see how he turns out to be a great husband too!

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