Making the case for co-sleeping

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During my pregnancy, I had already decided to follow attachment parenting particularly with respect to co-sleeping – i.e., the baby sleeping in the same bed as the parents. This is a particularly Asian trait which isn’t common in the western countries.This principle behind attachment parenting is to ensure safe sleep - physically and emotionally for the baby.  Babies have needs at night just like during the day - from hunger, loneliness, and fear, to feeling too hot or too cold. They are completely dependent on their parents to soothe them and help them regulate their intense emotions. Sleep training techniques used extensively in western countries can have detrimental physiological and psychological effects. Safe co-sleeping has benefits for both babies and parents.As a breastfeeding mother, co-sleeping was crucial for me to catch up on some sleep with my baby right next to me who I would dream-feed. I could easily soothe my daughter back to sleep while she slept next to me. A little apprehensive in the beginning, for fear of squishing her while sleeping, the fears eventually mellowed as she grew. It was also made easier by the arrangement of attaching her crib with an open side to my bed. This left enough room for all.What does co-sleeping give you? Besides the mother-child bonding which was all the more beautiful due to breastfeeding, it also helped build the connection between my husband and our daughter. In the initial few months, when I was too exhausted, my husband would take over and put her to sleep on his chest (agreed not the best position but very handy). Weekends were full of random baby games in bed and taking family naps.  I cherish these moments and I hope my daughter does too.Co-sleeping has definitely been a boon for me.  There are days I wish I had the bed to myself and would be able to sleep without interruptions, but I signed up for this before deciding to have a child. Sleepless nights are fewer and farther in between. The baby feels secure and can sleep well and securely.  So, hold your baby close to you, treasure this precious time together ‘coz as they grow up they’re going to want their own privacy. Boy, will I miss this time then!!!