Sex during pregnancy

Fear you will hurt your baby while having sex during your pregnancy? Don’t worry! Your child is safe. Sex during pregnancy is as pleasurable as it was while the bump wasn’t there. It is just about getting yourself comfortable in a position that does not cause you inconvenience as the baby within develops with each trimester.Why get Intimate? Why not? Had you not got intimate, would the baby be there within you? There's no reason why you should take a sex sabbatical for nine long months with the baby inside. Being pregnant is a journey. Each day is different. From experiencing morning sickness to uncontrolled cravings for food to back aches and other body aches. To top it all, majority of us work till almost eight months of our pregnancy. The only and only respite from all the stress is a bit of affection from our partner and if that leads to sex, do not shy away. Intimacy brings a sense of relaxation and comfort. Do not deprive yourself of it.How Safe is Sex During Pregnancy? Completely! If you are experiencing a normal pregnancy where your gynecologist has not asked you to avoid sex, it is completely safe to allow yourself the pleasure of an intercourse during the nine months of your pregnancy. As explained in an article on - Your developing baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in your uterus, as well as the strong muscles of the uterus itself. Sexual activity will not affect your sex during pregnancy 

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Avoid Sex Only if Your gynecologist has advised against itYou are experiencing bleeding during your pregnancyYou have experienced premature birth in your earlier pregnancyDuring oral sex, let your partner not blow air into your vagina (this may cause  an air buble to block your blood vessel)You are leaking amniotic fluidYour placenta partially or completely covers your cervical opening (this should be told to you by your gynecologist)You are expecting twins / triplets or moreForeplay and Positions The very touch of your partner on the bump is one of the most pleasurable experiences that you can experience when pregnant. It magically brings in warmth and happiness. For all the men reading this, make it a point to caress your pregnant partner as often as you can. Let it be the beginning of your foreplay followed by whatever pleases you both. The intercourse can then be decided upon the comfort level. Most often as the baby develops further and further, she may be comfortable being on the top or lying by the side. A bit of experimentation will bring in comfort and pleasure for both of you.Am I depriving him of the pleasure if I do not want sex? No need to feel guilty. Hormonal play can indeed cause a havoc and there could be times when you may not want to indulge in sex. If you feel that you are letting his urge down, don’t turn away feeling guilty. Get a bit adventurous. Try stimulation without an intercourse indulge in a healthy dose of foreplay followed by oral sex. Once in the act, you will not regret taking the initiative.Where sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe, we still recommend you check with your gynecologist should the slightest of discomfort come to the forefront. After all, pleasure with pain is not too wise a thing to ignore.Featured Image Source