Making Cycling Fun for Kids

Cycling is fun and every child must get their share of it! It is one outdoor activity so exerting and yet so liberating that you find yourself getting back to it quite often. For children, bicycles can mean not just fresh air and fitness, but also freedom and a whole lot of enjoyment!Here’s how you can make cycling fun for your little one:1. Start Early On:

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You don’t have to wait till your children are old enough to learn how to cycle. It is a good idea to get kids started to experience this outdoor pleasure while they are still young. You could start with scooters and tricycles to encourage children to learn how to balance and manoeuvre while moving. There are plenty of safe options available in the market.2. Do Away with the Training Wheels: Everyone from my generation will certainly have distinct memories of an over-protective parent running alongside their trembling tots on wobbly bikes, to prevent a nasty fall. It would take several such sprints in open grounds before we finally managed the magical trick of balancing on the two lanky wheels and achieving the impossible.Replacing all that hard work are the present-day training wheels. Do away with them as soon as you think your child has got enough practice with them. Cycling for the first time without the training wheels can be a significant memory in your child’s life. The achievement of riding without the stabilizers gives them great confidence and boosts their self-esteem.

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3. Make it a Fun Family Activity: Cycle your way on a Sunday morning to a neighbourhood café. A sumptuous brunch can be your kid’s reward for the hard work. Cycling together as a family is also a great way to bond. You could also choose your local park or a quiet street in the vicinity of your house. Children will soon start looking forward to this unwinding ritual.4. Go on Biking Trips: Once your child gains proficiency and also the stamina, pack your bicycles in your car's backspace and go on biking trips. These trips are a great way of exploring nature, while indulging in your pedaling.Benefits of Bicycling:
  • Helps in developing balance, strength and overall fitness
  • Helps burn calories and is a great way to ward off childhood obesity
  • Develops and strengthens muscles
  • Is an excellent eco-friendly transport option
5. Safety Kit for ChildrenHelmets, Knee Guards and Elbow Guards are absolute essentials for children while riding bicycles. Besides this make sure your kids carry their water bottles, hats and tire pumps while going on their cycling escapades.

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