Make a holiday last forever  

In a world that documents everything -- from the first breath a new human draws to Instagramming every last coffee you drink -- Curiosity Bug’s Little Travel Bug allows your child to have memories that are tangible. As the tagline of the book says, gift your child a voyage of learning with wonderful memories.Family picLittle Travel Bug is a thoughtful mix of a DIY-scrapbook and a travel guide for kids on holiday. Want to know more? Well, what the book does is make travel a little more solid for children. The book is a simple, easy-to-use guide for children of any age. Beautiful layouts with easy-on-the-eye illustrations tell you all the important things you need to know about the country you're visiting. Speaking of which, the first two in the Little Travel Bug series are about Singapore and Hong Kong.Inside pages- Hong Kong Inside pages- SingaporeLittle Travel Bug is also the main character in the book that takes kids through the holiday and activities in the book. Thoughtfully laid out, and with activities that are engaging, this book looks like something your children will use to extend their vacation. For example, the Singapore one has detailed instructions on how to draw the Merlion and to create a dragon puppet. Both fun activities that even you can get involved in, making memories that last beyond the holiday. While some of us champion the cause of holidays that should be entirely leisure, we also understand that it is important to instil in kids the desire to know everything about the country they travel to. This book does that for kids. Little nuggets of information packaged simply and presented intuitively make this a great little travel guide for your kids. Who knows, your child might surprise you by telling you something about the destinations that you didn't know!What we liked especially was the space to paste pictures of your holiday in the book. In addition to having all the must-see, must-do places marked out in both the cities, the books cleverly create space for pictures in each of the spots where you can paste pictures taken there. So, for example, if you’re going to hang out in Disneyland, Hong Kong, there's a space in the book that says, "Disneyland: Paste picture here". It's a great way to organise pictures physically instead of having to constantly access them digitally, which isn’t so much fun for kids especially if they have to depend on their parents to let them handle an electronic gadget, which stores these pictures. There's also a band for kids to cut out and strap around their wrist, with the names and contact details of their parents written, so that they can remain safe, just in case they decide to take off on an adventure. With all the fun, there is a thoughtfulness about their safetyThe illustrations, however, are our favourite: warm and inviting. They are all soft, and yet fun. Pleasing seems a very quiet word but it is exactly that. The illustrations don't distract from what the book is essentially meant to do. In fact, they're so intuitively done, and in colours that are harmonious, that it draws you immediately to various aspects of the book without crowding your senses.If you're looking to take a holiday in Singapore or Hong Kong, we recommend this book heartily. At Rs 899/- it may seem a little steep but holidays come rarely and it’s well worth the money to have something that kids can keep going back to, and keep for later when they are grow up. That apart, go beyond Facebook photos and Google albums this holiday, and let your child experience it all over again when you're back. Meanwhile, we do hope there is going to be more where this came from.You can buy both the books on Amazon. The Hong Kong one is here and the Singapore one is here.Little Travel BugConcept: Kavita DeshpandeIllustrations: Happy FishPublished by Curiosity BugRs. 899little travel bug: Kavita