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As the Internet speeds get faster and better, while our roads get bumpier and more congested than ever before, it is definitely time to go online. If shopping, games, education, banking, taxation and what not can go online, why not the learning of music? Anyone who has tried to find a quality music teacher for their child while coordinating schedules, drop offs and pick-ups, will relate to the frustrations faced in the process.Recognizing this urgent need of finding accomplished music teachers, without the limitations of time and geography, master musician Shankar Mahadevan founded the pioneering online music learning Academy in 2011. The Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA) was created with the vision to make learning of all styles of Indian music easy, accessible, and exciting to people all over the world. The academy has quickly grown to 2000+ students, spread across 34 countries, through 18 geographical time zones, who can now pursue their passion for music from the convenience of their homes. The academy currently offers 150 courses to students of all levels (from beginners to advanced) and has delivered more than 14,000 virtual classes.Keeping the Interest in music aliveSMA strives to impart to its students a high quality learning experience with a well defined path of progression and clearly stated milestones. When teaching is simplified and is done in correlation with day-to-day terms, children enjoy and follow it easily. Their theory is that music is supposed to be fun and not a serious business as it was once. Otherwise, children cannot be expected to spend time learning music over playing cricket or gaming on their X-box. Their aim is to take the vast curriculum of Indian Classical Music and demystify it in an effective and fun way. Which is a very critical element considering that 80% of kids drop out of classical music lessons within 2 years.

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How does online music teaching work?Like any other online classes, SMA works to provide an easy way for students to learn music using the power of the Internet, from the convenience of their own homes. The Academy has done a lot of research and related work to make it engaging for students to learn Indian classical music online. SMA classes follow a three pronged process for enhancing the learning experience of the students.
  • Virtual class – Live, virtual classes are held once a week for a 45 minute duration. The virtual classroom has a teacher and up to 3 students, who are able to see and interact with one another and imbibe skills much like in a real classroom. This is seen to be extremely effective as the students learn not only from their teacher but also from fellow students, who may be located across the globe. This helps them get a good perspective on where they stand.
  • Software tools for enhanced learning – An online music book or OM book is made available to the students at the time of enrollment in any course. This digitized multimedia book contains the necessary materials in various formats including videos, games and renditions by maestros. The OM book is further supplemented by a 'Riyaaz' recorder, which allows a student to record his renditions and submit to the academy for a detailed feedback.
Assessments and ExamsRegular assessments are conducted to evaluate the learning process and certificates are issued to give students a sense on their progress and also to help them feel a sense of accomplishment. The mantra is to celebrate small successes as you move toward a larger goal.

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How is the teacher quality ensured and maintained?SMA teachers are selected by a pool of experienced music professionals. The applicants are screened using a rigorous interviewing process. Post appointment, they all have to undergo a training, after which they are certified in the Academy’s philosophy and processes. These processes have been endorsed by Shankar Mahadevan himself, which ensures the consistent high quality teachers for all courses.Shankar Mahadevan’s involvement with the academyAs a founder of the Academy, Shankar Mahadevan is majorly immersed in all key aspects of the Academy including, but not limited to, the curriculum design, course content, culture, teacher quality and the overall student experience. He periodically visits online sessions as well!The Academy currently offers instructor-led Certificate programs in Indian Classical music, which include both Carnatic and Hindustani. They also offer their students, the flexibility to 'master the art' of singing other non-classical styles of Indian music, be it devotional or Bollywood numbers. In a nutshell, they are in the business of simplifying the music learning process and make music a joyful and soulful experience for the young and the old.Visit the Shankar Mahadevan Academy website here#ShankarMahadevanAcademy #LearnMusicOnline #ShankarMahadevan #Classicalmusic #Carnaticmusic #Hindustanimusic #indianmusic Featured Image Source