Ladies, You are having sex all wrong! Find out why!

Do you follow a certain pattern each time you have sex? Then you are probably doing it all wrong. As raunchy as it may sound, the way you make out each time must make you wait for the next chance. Well, that said our men sure know how to do it, don’t they? So, ladies shed those inhibitions and tell your partner how exactly you want it. After all, variety is the spice of life! Here are 5 types of sex every woman must have at least once in her lifetime.  

Get those handcuffs and blindfolds

How about playing a game of blindfold with your partner? Imagine being chased to kiss! Yes, that’s how this one will unfold. Also the feeling of not being able to predict the next act, throws in an element of surprise, increasing your sex drive. So, go on and play blind man’s bluff!

Get wet!

No we are not talking about what you are thinking! We meant get into the shower. Showering together can be soothing and sexy at the same time. However, you got to be utterly bold to do this!

Rough and tough

Who said only men could get rough? Women can too! So, ladies it is perfectly fine to show off your animalistic side on the bed. Spanking, biting, sucking, feel unabashedly inhibited to do it all!

Make up sex

This is something all of us might have done. Sex soon after a fight is best as it can get! Yes, you are still angry but want to do it, so all the anger converts into passion and the rest is just moans and screams.

‘I love you’ sex

This one’s all about being gentle, loving and adoring every bit of it. Throw in a few compliments about her gorgeous mane, her curvy hips and anything else that makes you go hook, line and sinker in love with her.


So you have ten minutes before you have people come over? Why not! Just get off your pants and get started. And this is might be the best orgasm you ever had!

The food sex

Sex and food go hand-in-hand. Messy, fun and super hot this one can get you hungry and full at the same time. Get creative and use foods like melted chocolate, cream, strawberries, etc. Pour it on each other and you know how to get it off!