Ladies, you are going about the mother-in-law problem all wrong! This is missing link!

Today I am going to share the secret that made my in-laws accept me as their favourite bahu. Want to know my trick? Read on:

When I first entered my home after marriage, I was advised by everybody to make my mother-in-law (MIL) like me first. So it was mission MIL for me. I tried EVERYTHING in the book, believe me. Took care of her, spoke to her lovingly, cooked and cleaned. But no matter how hard I tried, she never gave me a straight compliment and always kept me on the wrong side of her moods. I was very troubled, and it was affecting my marriage in a very real way.

Three years and one baby later, I tried a whole new route.

This is what I did. Every time she was gruff with me, instead of feeling defeated and sad I learnt to hide it and asked her to pass the phone to FIL. I spoke to him cordially and we developed a good rapport. Slowly I started building a bridge with my FIL!

Here’s how I achieved it-

1. I sent special plants for his garden

My FIL is a gardening enthusiast. So I made it a point of sending plants and plant-tonics through Amazon to him.

2. Name embossed pen

I got his name embossed on a glittering parker pen for his birthday. It was a huge hit with his peer group!

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3. Grand-father trick

Like any grand-pa, he melts each time my daughter says, “hello dadaji.” I ensured that he got a heart melting call at least twice a week. He felt like a star in her eyes!

4. Taught him how to use whatsapp

FIL had a nice phone but struggled with email, fb and whatsapp. One holiday I taught him how to click and send pictures. After that, he also had a live chat with his other children and grand children. He literally cried that day.

5. Borrowed books from his collection

I borrowed books from his collection of Hindi books and told him how much I’d enjoyed them. I used to secretly read up the story and reviews on the net. This made him have a new respect for me and my intelligence. I was enjoying it!

Here I must confess that whatever I did for my FIL I did a 100 times more for my MIL – but never had it borne any fruit! These simple things with the pop worked like a charm!

In the five years of my marriage, I’ve never felt as loved or as accepted as I do now and that is all thanks to my FIL.

My mother-in-law has stopped complaining about me to her husband, because now he supports me. Over time, I think she has begun to like me a little too!

Slam dunk!

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