Ladies, these everyday things you do can lead to pre-term labour!

Pre-term labour is one thing all mums-to-be must be aware of. While there is very little you can do about the medical conditions that lead to a pre-term labour, you definitely can control a few everyday events that can cause pre-term labour. From bad oral hygiene to exercising too much, here are simple everyday things that can lead to pre-term labour.

More than two cups of coffee

No, we are not saying coffee is bad during pregnancy. But, excess of it can have adverse effects on the baby. When you are pregnant, your body loses the ability to break down caffeine and as a result it accumulates in the blood stream. This in turn can lead to miscarriages or pre-term labour. So, go slow on the coffee!

Being overweight

Eating for two is no longer advised when you are pregnant. Over weight during pregnancy not only makes labour difficult, but also puts you in the risk of pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes, both of which can lead to pre-term labour.

Too much exercise

Exercising during pregnancy helps you keep a lot of worries at bay. It relaxes your muscles, makes labour easy, and also keeps gestational diabetes and others diseases at bay. However, too much of anything is good for nothing and this holds true even in this case. Putting too much pressure on your abdomen, or running that extra mile can be harmful to your baby, triggering preterm labour or even a miscarriage.


Studies reveal that increased levels of stressed hormones in the mother triggers hunger. However, it reduces the ability of the placenta to effectively transport nutrients to the baby. And as a result, it led to reduced weight gain, slower fetal development and even pre-term labour in some cases. 

Bad oral hygiene

Last but not the least, bad oral hygiene can also lead to preterm labour. The hormones released in response to an oral infection are similar to that released during labour. So, oral infections, cavities, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers can all lead to pre-term labour. Now, that gives you more reason to visit your dentist even before you plan a baby.

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