Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get real about period sex!

Did someone say sex during periods? Well, if you are cringing, you need to wake up and hear us out! Yes, just because people don’t talk about it openly, doesn’t mean no one’s doing it. Period sex is a common thing and in fact, most women admit their rising hormonal levels urge them to have sex during periods. So, whether that bed sheet is going to get messy, or your partner is going to have to move things a bit more, orgasming while you bleed is definitely a thing you will love. There, we said it!

Period sex is a taboo and no one talks about it openly, although everyone wants to know the deets. So, here’s what you must know before you get laid on ‘those’ days!

1. Orgasms can ease cramps

Yes, you read that right! Endorphins released during orgasms can help relieve period stress and PMS but orgasming during your period will ease your cramps. In fact, vaginal orgasms have substantial alleviating properties than clitoral orgasms.

2. Period blood is not bad for the penis

It definitely is 2017 and all that, but sadly most people still dwell in the belief that period blood is impure and hence the woman cannot be touched on those days and all of that. However, there honestly is no truth to this. Period blood is a mix of tissues and healthy blood, the body no longer needs. This has nothing to do with impurities or germs. So, a little blood on his sword, definitely won’t do harm.

3. Periods can make sex more enjoyable

Just because no one talks about it, doesn’t mean no one is doing it. Nearly a third of people have sex during periods and it is absolutely not wrong. Well, it definitely gets a little messy because you tend to bleed more when you have sex during periods. However, the hormonal fluctuations cause you to crave for sex on those days. Also, women feel more sensitive during this time and the pressure only increases with a little stimulation.

4. Yes, you can still get pregnant

If your cycles are regular (28 days), you are likely to ovulate around your period. In fact, there are many reports of cases where ovulation has happened close to menstruation and because the sperm can live up to seven days, it is actually possible for you to conceive during your period.

5. Watch out for infections

And finally, like for anything, this is too has its share of ifs and buts. Your cervix is open a little more when you bleed, in order to send the blood out. This also means you need to watch out for infections as you can easily catch one. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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