Know the various Astrology Yogas in your horoscope

Way back in the latter part of the decade of ‘60s when a lanky young man approached the All India Radio station for voice audition to become a radio presenter, he failed to get selected. But destiny had much greater things in store for him. In a few years’ time, this young man went on to become one of the most well-known and celebrated actors in the country. He is none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Interestingly, Amitabh Bachchan has the Gaja-kesari Yoga in his horoscope which ensured that he attained stupendous success and fame in life. This just goes on to show the power of Astrology Yogas in our horoscope and their influence on our lives. If you are not aware of the different Astrology Yogas that can impact our lives in a major way, this article is for you. Here we reveal to you about the various Astrology Yogas and how they can hold sway over your life.

What is a Yoga?

According to Vedic astrology, Yoga refers to specific planetary combinations present in an individual’s horoscope that can have significant influence on the native’s life. Depending on the Yoga, this influence can be beneficial or malefic for the individual. When it is an auspicious Yoga, it can strengthen the individual’s horoscope and improve the chances of enjoying peace, happiness, and success in life. In the case of an unfavourable Yoga, it can cause adversity to seep into the individual’s life and make him/her suffer. The presence or absence of Yoga can considerably change the meaning and impact of the different planets and their positions in an individual’s horoscope.  

Different Yogas in horoscope and their effects

As per Vedic astrology, there are hundreds of Yogas that have the power to produce specific results in an individual’s life.

Hamsa Yoga

One of the five Mahapurusha Yogas, it is formed by Jupiter in its own house or in exaltation. This Astrology Yoga ensures that the native attains a high position, earns respect, and is relied upon by people.

Malavya Yoga

Formed by Venus in adulation or in its own house, this Mahapurusha Yoga brings about happiness and comfort for the individual.

Bhadra Yoga

When Mercury is in its own sign or in exaltation, it forms the Bhadra Yoga. This Mahapurusha Yoga ensures that the individual obtains good education, becomes strong willed, and has gracious behaviour.

Ruchaka Yoga

If Mars remains in its own sign or is exalted, it forms the Ruchaka Yoga. It is a Mahapurusha Yoga that bestows natives with aggressiveness and makes them good leaders.

Sasa Yoga

This Yoga is formed when Saturn is in its own house or in exaltation. One of the Mahapurusha Yogas, it is known to confer excellent political wit on the native and makes him/her a disciplined leader.

Budhaditya or Nipuna Yoga

Formed by the combination of Sun and Mercury, this Yoga ensures intelligence, skill, and respect for the native.

Chandra-Mangal Yoga

When Moon and Mars combine or remain in quadrant to each other, this Yoga is formed. It makes the native money minded, shrewd, and cruel.

Gaja-Kesari Yoga

This auspicious Astrology Yoga is formed when Moon and Jupiter are in conjunction. This Yoga brings fame and success for the native.

Guru-Mangal Yoga

It results from the combination of Jupiter and Mars or their presence in the mutual 7th house. This Yoga confers long life and happiness on the individual. It is the Yoga for righteousness and activists.

Amala Yoga

The presence of Venus or Jupiter in the 10th house from Moon/Ascendant gives rise to the Amala Yoga. It brings about lasting fame, prosperity, and reputation for the native.

Chaamara Yoga

Formed when Jupiter aspects the exalted lord of the 1st house, this Yoga blesses a person with fame, name, and wealth.

Harsha Yoga

Occupying of the 6th house by the 6th Lord gives rise to the Harsha Yoga. This Yoga provides the native with wealth, happiness, fame, and good health in life.

Indra Yoga

Indra Yoga results from having the 5th lord in the 11th house and the 11th lord in the 5th house with the Moon. It confers the native with lasting fame, courage, and many accomplishments during a short life.

Ravi Yoga

Positioning of the Sun in the 10th house and presence of the 10th lord in the 3rd house along with Saturn gives rise to Ravi Yoga. This Yoga makes the individual a passionate and learned person who becomes famous and well-respected.

Raja Yoga

One of the Raja Yogas occurs when conjunction, exchange, or aspect of quadrant and trine lords take place. It indicates high level of success and achievement for the individual.

Viparita Raja Yoga

Location of the 8th lord in the 6th or 12th house results in one of the Viparita Raja Yogas. This Yoga is responsible for bringing success under adverse conditions and making the native enterprising.

Raja Sambandha Yoga

Placement of the ascendant lord in the 10th house while the 10th lord resides in the ascendant house gives rise to Raja Sambandha Yoga. It ensures power and association with kings for the native.

Dhana Yoga

When the Sun is in Leo sign associating with Jupiter and Mars, it results in one of the Dhana Yogas. As the name indicates, this Yoga bestows riches and wealth on the native.


Exchange, conjunction, or mutual aspect of the lords of 8th and 10th houses gives rise to the Raja/Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga. The native is blessed with a dutiful nature and becomes a high achiever due to this Yoga.

Shiva Yoga

For the Shiva Yoga to occur, the 5th lord must be in the 9th house, the 9th lord in the 10th house, and the 10th lord in the 5th house. Presence of the Shiva Yoga in the horoscope makes the individual a flourishing businessman or a conqueror.

Sarala Yoga

Sarala Yoga occurs if the 8th lord is positioned in the 8th house. It bestows the native with a long life and makes him/her learned, fearless, and prosperous.

Vimala Yoga

The occurrence of the 12th lord in the 12 house results in the rise of the Vimala Yoga. Natives having this Yoga in their horoscope are independent, happy, and frugal minded.

How to take advantage of the Yogas in your horoscope?

The mere existence of Yoga in your horoscope doesn’t guarantee that you will receive its full effect. There are various factors that must be considered while determining the influence of the Yoga on your life. For instance, each of the planets concerned in a particular Yoga in your horoscope must not be aspected by other unfavourable planets.

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