When kids rescue you

Do you remember when your kids used to hold your hand with their tiny fingers and look up to you for that ultimate sense of comfort and protection? Ah! How i miss those days too but i feel a certain sense of relief when I think that I don’t have to be hovering over them like mother hen forever worrying about their whereabouts and wellbeing. But what gives me immense joy is how my kids now, when they are all grown up are a major support system and saviours in times of need.Here’s how they have bailed me out from some real tricky situations

kids do help to their mom while travelling in train - ZenParent

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1.  We were on a train and we all had the top berths. There was no chance of any exchange of seats as there were old couples around us. Great! I was stuck as it was ages since I had attempted the feat of making it to the top bunk. I stood there in the gangway wondering about the next step when my son tapped on my shoulder, asked me to move aside and demonstrated a couple of times patiently where I was supposed to place my foot one by one and reach my destination. That sure came as an unexpected surprise and respite especially when the others preferred to sleep.

kids helping out to mom for presentation - ZenParent

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2. I had a presentation to make to a client for an event and I proudly fished out my laptop from my bag, thinking I had everything set when the power point refused to play. I struggled sitting there wanting to show that I was in control and not technologically challenged as I actually was but I landed up doing exactly the same! In a fix I decided to call my son and although being in the middle of his tuitions he excused himself and helped me navigate my way out of the confusing e –maze. Phew! It felt like oasis in the desert. Not the mention the umpteen numbers of times he has helped me fix that impossible glitch in my mobile phone.3.  I was on a trip with my in laws and those trips as we all know are a little lesser than pleasant. I happened to call my kids for some chores that needed attention and maybe I was unable to camouflage the discontent in my voice that made my elder son take over. Hearing his voice was like me talking to him a couple of years back when he was 12. In his calm and reassuring voice, he asked me to divert my mind to the brighter side of the trip and sink it in my system that I was on a holiday after all. He further reminded me that it was entirely up to me to either make the most of it or ruin it by only concentrating on the negatives.  More than what he was saying it was the realisation that my son had stepped up to make me feel better that brought tears to my eyes and I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the trip.

kids helping out for mom to make food - ZenParent

4. I was out when a friend from my home town suddenly decided to look me up. I drove a little apprehensively as well as anxiously on my way back home as I realised that my stores were running a little dry for lunch.  I called my son and asked him to only check out a few things in the larder but when I reached home I saw pasta, French fries, ice cream and Tang laid out neatly on the table and ready to eat. Unbelievable but true.5. I burnt their parathas one day and my mom in law was waiting to confirm the calamity as she had smelled something. She pounced upon my kids as soon as they came from school and began enquiring about their lunch. I thought I had had it that day but to my utter amazement they both told her that there was nothing wrong with the parathas and that had really enjoyed the lunch that afternoon!Thank God for all our lovely kids and the sweet moments they keep filling our lives with.I am sure you all have had some unique experiences too where you kids have been there for you in the most unexpected ways. We would love to hear them and come together as one to celebrate the biggest joy of our lives…our kids!