Teens today want to have their own parties for welcoming the New year. They grow up looking at adults drinking and dancing and having a good time. Movies portray drinking and dancing in fun exciting ways with upbeat popular music numbers. So teens today are exposed to a lot more than what their parents saw growing up.  They might insist on their own parties or get- together.  So if your teen has been invited to a party, today is a good time to remind your teen how to be safe on New Year’s Eve.1Re-iterate- NO ALCOHOL: Some parents are worried that their kids may think they are “uncool” if they deny them certain things. Let permitting alcohol consumption not be one of them.  Insist on the NO-ALCOHOL policy for your teenager.  Educate them on how friends might lace their drinks with alcohol and therefore it is better to pour yourself the drink from the bottle or soft drink can.2Stick with your good friends:There is strength in numbers and having people you trust around you.  It is best not to wander off with strangers in a party and stay with one’s group. It is also a good idea not to accept any drink from a stranger.  Date rape drugs have been known to be used in many a party.3Stay off the roads, late at night:New Year’s Eve can be a bit of a risky scenario in many places. It is best to stay indoors beyond midnight with higher chances of drunk drivers and other rowdy elements on the road.4Have your teen text you:Make sure that your teen texts you their exact whereabouts and whom they are hanging out with at all times.  It would be great if you knew the parents of at least a few other kids that your teen would be hanging out with.5Have the talk:Assure your teen that you are ready to pick them up any time that they feel they are ready to come home. This is an assurance that might get your teen out of uncomfortable scenarios that they don’t want to be a part off.  It is more important for them to feel secure about calling you than being scared that they will be in trouble. So... have the talk. It is never too late. Might save your child.6Be their facebook friend:Insist on being your child’s facebook friend if you have given them an account. And make sure you are not on their “restricted “list!!  Make this a pre-requisite for them to get an account. This way, you will get to know things quicker!7