Keep That Spark of Ambition Alive In Your Child

If your 10 year old daughter suddenly announces one day that she wants to become an air hostess, you will probably not want to take it seriously but your daughter is not joking.

According to Dr. Ali khwaja , a noted psychologist , most parents tend to err here. They either flick off what their child has just dared to share or curb the spurt of ambition in their kid by telling him/her that they are too young to decide. Both responses have an adverse effect on the self-esteem of their child. Children are passionate about what they like and what they want to do in future without taking into account the harsh realities. That is when they are at the pinnacles of creativity and by trivialising their dreams & passions parents can only dishearten them in the long run.




Here are some ways on how to keep that spark of ambition alive in them till they find that one thing they want to spin their lives around.

1) Be all ears for what they have to share- Even if they tell you they want to be someone as lofty as Bill Gates or someone as offbeat as Johnny lever. It is their dream at that point in time and by ignoring what they feel so passionate about, they are led to believe that they or their dreams are not important. Due to this their self- esteem as well as confidence takes a hit and it discourages them to be open to you in future and also to dream on healthily without barriers.

2) Help them Navigate- Ok! so you heard them out and got them really perked up. But does your responsibility stop there? Actually no. You have to help them get a real feel of things no matter however impractical that may sound at such an early age. You could explore more about the profession together, sensitizing your kid to the skills & the amount of work required to put in that particular field. Now how does this help. This helps your kid to be aware of the different lines of work available, as well as what goes into what. Ultimately helping them zero in gradually over time what they really want to focus on in the long term. It gets easier to decide.




3)Teach them to respect all professions- Do not demean any vocation in front of them. Whether it is acting, or maybe even driving a taxi. You as a parent may have reservations against a particular profession but you cannot let your kid be prejudiced against any of it.

As suggested above you can first guide them to discover enough to segregate the areas of reality and uninformed fantasy. And then let them talk to people in those professions about how they feel and what it takes to be in that field of work. This opens avenues of first-hand information for them.




In our country it is still taken for granted that most of our boys will follow their father’s footsteps and girls will be homemakers & mothers before career women. Maybe that is the reason that most parents are still slow in coming around to the fact that they have to encourage their kids to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly. There are also other lingering cultural and economic factors that play a subtle yet strong role. However, if all this is sorted out on the mental level like how it is in the west, then we may be not only looking at more support and encouragement  from parents but also things to be rightfully set in motion from an early age.