How to keep Kids safe on Internet

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How to keep kids safe on internet

The Internet, especially for children, is a double edged sword. While schools are eager to embrace the web and assign projects to children that require research, it is not easy for parents to allow children to do this research independently. What one tries/intends to actually search and what search results appear may not always be the same. One wrongly spelt word can result in inappropriate content being displayed for children and becomes a child safety issue.Children today, take to gadgets like fish to water. Laptops, mobiles, tablets, are all very intuitively accessible to children. What takes adult hours to find out is deciphered in minutes by the children in the digital age as children are exposed to these gadgets from an early age. Parents are many times guilty of handing over the phone to their children just to keep them quiet at certain times. Video games are used just to buy some quiet time. At a later time, this snow balls into becoming a control issue between parents and children.

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 Child safety on the internet is an important issue. Predators lurk on social networking sites.  Some of the guidelines that can be followed by parents are as below:
  1. Have the child use the internet only in a common area where anybody can see what they are doing. Avoid giving them internet access in their own room or in a corner of the house away from the rest of the family.
  2. Limit the hours of usage and do not encourage mindless surfing.
  3. Install special software on your devices that facilitate parental control. Undesirable sites can be blocked.
  4. The Parents email id is to be given for all websites requiring login so that the parent would get notification of the activity. Avoid giving email ids to underage children (Underage as specified in the email sign up itself)
  5. Educate your children about the dangers of disclosing personal information on the web. Have them use aliases and usernames that do not reveal their personal identity or location.
  6. Avoid giving in to your children's nagging for a social networking login like facebook. This is one of the biggest sources of cyber bulling that has resulted in unfortunate deaths of kids.
  7. Resist peer pressure. Parents are constantly under pressure to give in to the latest tech fad that is going around. Set an example for your children that they don't need to do something just because their friends are doing it.