Karisma’s love life is in troubled waters again!

Love troubles for Karisma Kapoor just don't seem to be ending these days. First the divorvce from Sunjay Kapoor, and now her beau Sandeep Toshniwal's wife seems to be creating trouble. Find out more.

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Sometimes personal lives in the tinsel town do not stay like one. And the same is happening with Karisma Kapoor these days. Earlier it was her bitter divorce with Sunjay Kapur that was dragging her personal life into the limelight, and now it’s her alleged beau Sandeep Toshniwal’s divorce that's doing the same.

Just a few days back we told you that Sandeep’s wife Dr. Ashrita had finally agreed on giving the divorce, but now the buzz is that she has stepped back again. Yes, the happiness of Karisma and all her fans is at stake since the divorce has taken the rough route once again.

We informed you earlier that Sandeep and his wife mutually decided on an alimony of Rs. 2 Crore for Ashrita and Rs. 3 Crore each for both the daughters (11 and 6 yrs). And so, they finally decided to file for divorce, but soon things changed and tables have turned again. This divorce has already seen so many ups and down, and now things are again falling apart.

As per the reports, when Ashrita appeared in court on Tuesday, she said that though she had no qualms with the money, she won't abide by the request to reveal the investments she will be making with the amount. Basically, it is a practice during the divorce proceedings in court so that the right person gets the right amount given in the alimony.

And when all this fiasco happened, the court hearing winded up in a complete mess. The advocates from both the sides started shouting at each other and defamation started. Well, now it is reported that Dr. Ashrita will soon be cross-examined in the court once again.

While Karisma’s ex-husband, Sunjay Kapur has tied the knot with socialite Priya Sachdev, everyone started speculating that Karisma too will get married to her alleged boyfriend, Sandeep. But there has never been any official announcement in this regard by Karisma. 

Of late, Karisma’s father Randhir Kapoor put some light on her wedding. In an interview with DNA, he was quoted as saying:

“I think Lolo is very well settled and happy. I have never discussed the issue of marriage with her but if she does plan to, she will always have my blessings. But I don’t think she wants to get married. She is a happy mother and if she wants, she can get married any time but there is no step in that direction right now. She is happy the way she is. Lolo is an excellent mother who dotes on her children and probably doesn’t feel the need to get married. Kareena too is very settled today and Saif has kept her very happy. He is a wonderful son-in-law and a fine man.”