Karisma Kapoor eats this low calorie dish for dinner and it’s not a salad!

Soups are the best way to eat healthy and stay full for longer without binging on junk. And this holds true not just for kids, but for us adults too. Our B-town celebs have taken the soupy route to shed weight and boy we are impressed.

While Kareena leaves no stone unturned to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape, her sister Karisma is no less. Mother of two, Karisma has been a classic example of ‘age is just a number’. Wondering how the yummy mommy manages to stay svelte and sexy even today? Here’s the secret!

Karisma does not believe in dieting and loves her dhal, roti, and sabzi. However, there is one trick this gorgeous lady follows religiously. Karisma eats a healthy, filling soup for dinner.

Recently, Karisma’s Instagram account had a picture of her dinner and boy it did leave us salivating. Karisma’s Monday night offering was tagged on her Instagram account with just the right information! #noodlesoup #chickenbroth #veggis #homemade #wholesome #lightisright #mondaynights. A generous helping of veggies, chicken, and noodles made this dish a fab option for anyone looking to stay fit without compromising on taste.

That said, here are three one-dish soup-based meals you can try out!

Mixed lentil soup

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Lentils pack in protein, especially for vegetarians. Make a delicious soup out of your favourite lentils. You could use a combination of chickpea, kidney beans, black-eyed peas or even horse gram. Throw in your favourite veggies and add some salt and pepper and voila, your bowl of health is ready! Here’s the recipe

Broccoli and low-fat cheese soup

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Doesn’t this sound yummy? The creamy low-fat cheese helps you down your soup, without making you feel like a patient and the broccoli satiates your hunger pangs. Plus, broccoli and cheese have numerous health benefits. Broccoli inhibits cancer cell growth and boosts calcium and vitamin A supply to the body. Cheese has beneficial enzymes and microbes, not to mention being protein-rich.

Here’s the recipe

Wild rice and mushroom soup

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Rich in folate, zinc and vitamin-E, wild rice, which is easily available in the market, is more fibrous and healthier than brown or white rice. So, firstly, it lets you eat guilt-free. Plus, mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, vitamin B, and selenium. Here’s the recipe