Kareena Kapoor battles with ‘ropes’ to burn fat!

Kareena Kapoor is obsessed with staying fit and why not! If you have seen her recent outing at an event, you sure will know what we are talking about. Kareena dazzled in a black and gold cocktail gown, flaunting her curves and that explains how serious she has taken her workout lessons!

From running up and down the stairs with her BFF Amrita Arora to going live and discussing her diet plan with her celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar, Kareena has done it all to get back to her pre-pregnancy body.

While you may have spotted her outside the gym or striking a few yoga poses, there is one thing Bebo has been doing with all heart to beat her post-baby bulge. The yummy mommy swears by the battle ropes workout to tone her body muscles and the results are evident! Here’s a little bit on why and how you must do it too!

What is Battle Ropes?

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Battle ropes are for those who are planning to pack on some lean mass. The rope is thick and long enough to be pulled or tied to a pole. And once you are through this step, you start moving with these pointers in mind.

1. Use the rope in many directions

Don’t just use the rope in an up and down motion. Try moving it circles, to improve shoulder mobility while swaying side to side strengthens your hip. Switching between different motions during your workout will help you focus on various areas on your body.

2. Adjust the resistance

And while you are at it, keep switching the resistance so you are challenging yourself to complete each set. This will also boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

3. Try cross-over

Instead of rowing or moving in circular motions, try slamming the rope to the ground. This will help you build more power and also hammer your core.

Here’s a video which will help

How does it benefit you?

1. Battle ropes help you pack on lean mass

2. They are a great form of cardio workout: Cardio workouts help you burn fat faster. So, if you are bored of running on the treadmill or cycling, this one is sure to be a welcome change while also burning more fat than you normally do at a gym.

3. Works on all your muscle groups: Generally most exercises focus on one particular spot like lower body, upper body or core. Battle ropes let you engage all your muscles, thereby giving your whole body a workout.

4. Helps you burn maximum calories in minimum time: Whether you are trying to lose weight or increase your stamina, you need to burn calories. Battle ropes let you burn more calories in a short time. If you are using a high-intensity rope, you can expect to burn between 300-500 calories per half an hour. On average women burn about 45 calories in 4 minutes, while men burn an average of 82 calories.

5. A low impact workout: Not all of us can run or cycle in a gym every day. People with medical conditions have certain restrictions to follow and battle ropes are perfect for them. The workout does not put excessive strain on your joint and also maximizes oxygen supply to the heart.

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