Kangana lashes back with her razor sharp wit

“Apurva is not fighting for his credits. He already has them. He's hell bent on not giving me mine.”

Kangana Ranaut, 30 year, has hit the nub of the controversy surrounding her taking credit from the writer of Simran. That’s all the full blown controversy really is all about. A known rogue writer using the unpopularity of Kangana with the industry honchos and revelling in the confusion thereby created.

Salman Khan can summarily scrap a recorded song by a singer of Arijit’s stature. We are talking about the famous Jag Ghoomaya song later rendered by Rahat Fateh Ali.

What the papers will say: He is macho.

Sunjay Dutt can change his heroine with a phone call.

What the press will say: He is a star!

But if Kangana Ranaut asks to ‘share’ credit as a writer for a film she clearly worked on for months. Plus the director, Hansal Mehta is backing her all the way.

Press says: She is difficult. Is throwing her weight around as a star. Is holding Hansal Mehta to ransom. She is mad (by far the lowliest kick... shame on you haters).

For those of you who need a background, here goes:

Writer Apurva Asrani has accused the lead actress of the film, Kangana, for snatching his credit. The film in question is Simran, helmed by Hansal Mehta, lauded for his work in Shahid. In a Facebook post Asrani alleges that Kangana is taking credit for work she never did.

"For 2 months, he and his co-producer Shailesh tried to arm twist me into giving her a co-writer credit. The details of which I will reserve for the future," he has written.

Now, Sameer Gautam Singh another writer has come out to accuse Apurva of taking writing credits for the National Award-winning Shahid, while only coming on-board as editor. Essentially Singh is accusing Apurva of the same thing the writer is accusing Kangana of.

Truth is, writing credit has always been a controversial space. Because of the creative nature of the space, it is hard to tell when an idea inspired another and who to give credit to and how much.

Our take is that Kangana is well within her space to ask for shared credits. Also, we love how blasé she is being about her status as a star in this controversy.

That’s what is eating up the haters – why isn’t she apologetic.

Well, she isn’t. And doesn’t need to be. So suck it up Bollywood!

If you need to know more about the interview she gave a leading portal about this controversy, read it here.

Now you tell us which side of the controversy you are on? Write in now.