Jyothika has never made a cup of coffee for her husband Suriya and isn’t expected to! Watch this!


When she is sick he doesn’t leave her bedside, he takes her stand in every conversation and is completely devoted to her – there are pictures to prove that Suriya, her husband is her true soulmate! On a DD talk show, Jyothika made a dashing entry on a bike and proved to everybody that marriage and motherhood can make a woman sexier! Once the interview began she had the audience in her thrall as she reveals how special her marriage really is. The audience in the studios gave a collective ‘aww...’, neither can we watching this viral video on our phones! Read this article, while we speed dial our husbands!

Kollywood's favourite couple Suriya and Jyothika gave their fans another chance to go "awww!". Jyothika was recently on the Anbudan DD talk show on Vijay TV when she spoke about what Suriya was like as a husband. She made a dashing entry by riding a bike along with her girl gang.

On the show, Jyothika was shown a picture in which she and Suriya are sitting together - she's staring straight ahead while Suriya is looking at her adoringly. The audience went...yep, you guessed it...awww! and a smiling Jyothika said that she cannot talk enough about Suriya and that the anchor, Divyadarshini, could do a separate show just on this. 

Jyothika went on to say that Suriya was a very caring husband. "I've never made even a cup of coffee for him, but then he's never expected me to make it either," she said. 

It's well-known that Suriya and Jyothika got married amid a lot of family opposition from Suriya's end. 

Jyothika said on the show that Suriya has been very protective of her and has not allowed anyone to put her down, giving her respect.

She also said that if her son takes on at least half of Suriya's qualities, she'd be happy. 

Asked about what she thinks is love, Jyothika said, "It's about being selfless, thinking more about what the other person needs rather than what you need...giving your partner more place than yourself, that is love." She added that Suriya was not selfish at all.

To whoops of joy from the audience, Jyothika said that Suriya was her father, mother and that she saw her entire family within him. She also spoke about how he took care of her when she was unwell. Yep, more awwws!

But perhaps the best thing about what Jyothika said was her response to DD's question: When you were in love with him, did you ever think he'd be such a good husband?

Pat came Jyothika's reply, "That is why I married him. He was always like that, which is why I married him. I've known many people, school...work...but I've never met anyone like him."


Source: The News Minute