It’s not the woman always! Find out if your man’s sperms are healthy

By default, most of us judge a man’s sperm count depending on his masculinity. If he looks like SRK, he might have really good swimmers in there, right? Well, turns out not. Good looks have nothing to do with a man’s sperm count. In fact, there are not many ways you can find out about his swimmers. So, you may have to take an appointment with the doctor.

However, science has some tell-tale signs that read ‘Strong Sperm Alert!’ so, here’s what you need to watch out for.

1.    He’s not a smoker

First things first, apart from being a cancer triggering agent, tobacco can also affect the sperm’s antioxidant levels, which it needs in order to fertilize the egg. Hence, if your man values his sperm, it’s best he ditches the cigs.

2.    He regularly hits the gym

Studies reveal that men who hit the gym for at least 15 hours a week have a whopping 73% higher sperm count than men who didn’t at all exercise at the same intensity. This is because exercise not only helps in increasing the sperm count, but also increases the body’s antioxidant levels that prevent any free radical induced damage to sperm cells.

3.    Boxers are not for him

Tight undies can not only make men uncomfortable, but also hurt their motile swimmers. According to a 2012 study conducted by British researchers, men who habitually opted for boxer shorts instead of more snug and tight underwear, also carried a 24% risk of possessing a low motile sperm count. Tight fitting underwear also increases the scrotum’s temperature, which can harm the sperm count. So, ensure your man invests in undies which will help his privates breathe properly.

4.    He needs his dose of fish

Studies reveal that consuming fish has a direct effect on the sperm count. Men who enjoyed the most fish, in particular, fish-meats like tuna or salmon, showed a whopping 65% greater concentration in sperm than those who consumed less fish. So, say yes if your man wants his fish!

5.    He does not have belly fat

Sure, your man does not have to have a ripped body or a six pack, before he goes to bed with you, but that belly fat is certainly not acceptable. As long as he does not have a pot belly, you can be sure that his semen count is in tip-top shape. According to research carried out by Stanford School of Medicine, men who possess a 40-inch or greater waist circumference also happen to have a lower sperm count in comparison to guys who possess a trimmer waist. Added weight around the waist also hinders the release of testosterone.

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