It’s never too late to have a second baby and these siblings are proof enough!

Our Bollywood stars like to do it all a little differently. Be it weddings, birthday parties or baby showers, B-town stars have their own way and nothing deters them from doing what they want. And this holds true even when they decide to have babies.

Second and third marriages are no more a hullabaloo affair in the glamorous world of B-town and kids born from the second marriages result in a wider age-gap than usual, between step-siblings, for obvious reasons.

From Taimur and Sara to Aarav and Nitara, these Bollywood siblings have an age gap you might not have imagined!

Sara Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan

Sara is Saif’s first wife’s daughter while Taimur was born to Kareena and Saif. Sara is 23 years older than her little brother Taimur, who is yet to turn one. 23 god damn years! Now, that’s a really long gap, isn’t it?

Aryan Khan and AbRam

There is no second marriage or other such issues involved in SRK’s case. However, his first son and his last son are 16 years apart. Well, the age gap also led to rumours that AbRam was Aryan Khan’s love child. However, SRK rubbished the news.

Junaid Khan and Azad Rao Khan

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Aamir’s son Junaid was born from his first marriage with Reena, while Azad is his surrogate child with his second wife Kiran Rao. Junaid is 24 years old, while Azad is five. Likewise, Aamir’s daughter Ira and Junaid also have a humungous age gap.

Nitara and Aarav

Akshay’s little daughter Nitara has been hogging the social media lately and why not, the little girl simply oozes cuteness. That said, her older brother Aarav is nothing less! From cooking with his daddy dearest to training in martial arts, Akshay’s son Aarav leaves no stone unturned to make his parents proud.

Akshay in fact once shared a message on social media saying: “It’s a ‪#‎SonDay‬ all the way! Honestly, I can’t express my happiness, I’ve received the best gift ever today. My son started training when he was just four years old. And today, after nine years of hard work he got his 1st-degree black belt in Kudo, Okinawa and Goju Ryu Karate Do!”

Although Aarav and his little sister Nitara are 10 years apart, the big brother does every bit to make his little sibling feel loved and special.

Salman Khan and Arpita Khan

Salman and Arpita’s age gap is more like that of a father-daughter. The Dabangg Khan and his adorable loving sister have an age gap of effing 24 years and it’s no wonder that Salman takes care of his little sister and her son just like the way a father would care for his daughter.  

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