It is that time of year… My four new year resolutions

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It is that time of year when we all think about what we want to do differently next year. Many of us, including myself have stopped making resolutions, because by Jan 15th, we have all failed miserably and are ready to accept defeat. But one cannot deny the fact that before we became cynical about them, they offered such hope, a better future! So, I have decided to dial down my cynicism and make a brand new effort in the new year.  As a parent, this is what I want to do differently as a family for the next year.

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  • Make time for reading: I have decided that 9pm to 10pm will be our reading time. Everybody is going to sit at the dining table and read for an hour. This might be academic reading for my daughter given that she is in high school, but if there is no academic reading, then it shall be recreational reading!
  • Make time for Play: My kids love board games and they are always complaining that we don’t play enough as a family. While my husband is ready to wrestle with the kids on the bed, the minute you pull out a game, he would groan. Well, too bad!!  I hereby designate Friday nights as Game night for the family to hang together and have a good time.

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  • Switch off the TV: We are a TV Junkie family and I have had enough. Wednesday and Thursday will be 'disable the idiot box' day. We tried to quit the TV cold turkey and it bombed. So I think we need to start small- 48 hours seems reasonable. Also, my kids are ultra smart, the minute I say “No TV”, the make a beeline for the Ipad and watch their shows on YouTube!! So it has to actually be “No electronics“  day.

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  • Switch on the Music: My dad used to switch on south Indian classical music loudly, every morning – As a teenager, I use to groan at this terrible way to wake up and used to have many evil thoughts of throwing the music system out of the balcony. But today I have come to realise that, that forceful exposure is what makes me appreciate a raga today or a soulful rendition of a classical melody. My kids don’t listen to anything other than pop music. It is kind of sad. So, Voila… we use daddy’s old torture technique of forceful cultural immersion in the New year! Everybody wakes up to classical music! It is a good thing that my husband also likes classical music, so that is a battle i don't have to fight!

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It suddenly dawned on me that I only have 4 years left with my older child. Just 4 years. It kind of shocked me. Once she is off to college, it would be all about “visiting “home and she may never “live” with me again. So every day before going to bed, I am going to ask myself one question: What did I do for my kids today, that may have enriched our lives? Did I encourage her to write? Did I encourage her to read? Did I go for a walk with her? Did I sing with her while she played the piano? Did I cook her favourite food? Did I play a game with her? Did I just sit down and talk to her?  Did I snuggle up to her with a book? What did I do?So... you got any resolutions you want to share?