Is your vaginal discharge black? Here’s what it means!

A slight discoloration in your vaginal discharge every now and then is absolutely normal, especially a few days before or after you get your period. If you do ever notice, vaginal discharge can vary in shades ranging from white to yellow, pink or brown. Also, other factors like nutrition, pregnancy, menstrual cycle and birth control pills can have a direct impact in the colour of your discharge.

However, if you do notice black spotting in the middle of your cycle, chances are a foreign body is stuck in there. It could be a tampon or a condom. While this needs an immediate trip to the doctor, there are a few other reasons why your discharge could be black in colour at times. Read on and be watchful!

1.     Old blood

If you notice the presence of brown blood after your periods, it is not an alarming concern. It could just be that some old blood left in your system has finally been pushed out. However, if the colour does remain or change with time, then there could be other serious factors at play.

2.     Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer generally has no symptoms, because of which it is easy for us to look through it. However, if you do have foul smelling or black colour discharge accompanied by some kind of a pain, it’s time to head to the doctor.

3.     Residues from menses

In certain cases, the menstrual blood gets trapped inside the woman’s uterus. When this happens, the body is unable to push out the blood. So, when you begin your period, it might be almost impossible for the blood to leave her blood, resulting in black discharge in the following days.

4.     Miscarriage

If you are pregnant and do notice a black discharge, then head straight to the doctor without a second thought. Black discharge during pregnancy could be a sign of miscarriage.

5.      Pelvic inflammatory disease

If your black discharge is accompanied by foul smell, fever, painful sex or painful urination, it could be you are having pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

6.     Implantation bleeding

After fertilization, when the egg gets implanted on the uterine wall, you will notice a small amount of bleeding. This colour can range from red to pink, brown or even black. The color of the discharge is determined by the time it has taken for the blood to exit your vagina. You should take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

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