Is your child really safe out there?

stranger danger test video- Parenting resources by ZenParent
We try hard to explain our kids to stay away from strangers and most of us believe that our kids now have an idea to understand who to trust and who not to.Almost all of us tell our kids to not accept chocolates or toys from strangers. Refusing to go with strangers, even if they say your mom/dad has asked me to get you home, is another precaution we normally drum into our kids. But there are several other perfectly innocent looking scary situations that even we might not have foreseen,While one can't be paranoid, it is important to make our kids aware that abductors can look completely normal. This video was an eye-opener even for someone like me who thinks she's a vigilant parent!This is not to scare you but it's an attempt to help you look out for the unexpected and stay alert at all times to ensure your child is absolutely safe. Because strangers are the regular people from the same crowd that we all belong to.Also read on how to talk to your kids about staying safe around strangers, without scaring them or making them believe that all unknown people are bad.