Is this your baby’s first Diwali? Read these tips to keep him safe and comfortable during the festival!

Life changes in unexpected ways after you have a baby. Nothing you do now resembles anything you did before. Take Diwali, for instance. If you have had just had a baby, celebrating Diwali will be very different from before. Your baby’s safety takes greater priority over fun at Diwali. Learn how to celebrate a safe Diwali with your baby!

Keep your baby comfortable during Diwali

Your baby can only have a good time on Diwali if you take care of some basic conditions. Here are a few of them:

1. Dress your baby in comfortable clothes

As much as we want to dress up our little dolls for Diwali, keep in mind that anything that is not made of cotton can be hard on the baby’s skin. Even if it is cotton, too many frills and ruffles can be uncomfortable for your baby. Dress up your baby in pretty clothes for a while, but then change her into something comfortable. Your baby will look pretty no matter what she wears.

2. Don’t disrupt the baby’s schedule

Older children may be allowed to stay up a little later than usual. But for younger children and infants, stick to the baby’s usual routine. No matter how many guests you have, find a quiet spot for the baby to sleep if it is his bedtime. Straying far from the schedule can make infants irritable and make them cry.

 3. Keep a familiar face around

While we understand that you might have to entertain guests at your party, try to always leave your baby with someone he knows. Your best friend might be great with babies but unless your baby has seen her before, he will not be comfortable. Everyone may want to hold the baby, but make sure that the baby is ultimately with someone he knows well.

 4. Keep an eye on what your baby eats

If your baby has not started solids yet, do not give him any prasad after the pooja. Remember your baby’s stomach is not yet ready to digest sweets cooked in ghee or another medium. Don’t give your baby any broken piece of a dry fruit either. He is not accustomed to it, and this may make him choke. Babies should not be given any sweet or food item made with honey before they are at least one year old.

Also, do not give your baby any soft drinks or sugary juices. Keep an eye on your guests to make sure they do not feed your baby anything that he is not ready for.

 Keep your baby safe during Diwali

Lights, flowers, crackers - everything about Diwali is dangerous for your baby. Keep your baby safe this Diwali with the following tips:

It is unavoidable to light diyas and candles around the house. As pretty as they look, they also attract toddlers. So if you have toddlers, always keep an eye on them to make sure they do not go near the diyas

If you have put up lights during Diwali, make sure the sockets are out of reach for your baby and that the points are taped over if not being used. Also, try to buy a cord holder or use tape to secure the loose wires.

If there are other children, don’t let them run around with crackers, especially something like a phool jhadi. You may need to be very firm with some children, but remember, this is very important for your toddler’s safety.

Do not permit firecrackers inside the house. Apart from being a fire hazard, they also emit poisonous smoke and ash that can cause respiratory trouble for your baby.

If you are using flowers inside the house, make sure you spray them individually with water to get rid of any pollen, dust or mould spores.

 Sound from firecrackers

All babies, especially newborns can get very agitated or startled by the sound of firecrackers. If your baby is awake and retiring to a room is not an option, hold him very close to your body and tighten your grip slightly every time there is the sound of a firecracker. Then stroke his back or arm gently in a reassuring way. This will let him know that the danger has passed and you are with him.

If your baby needs to sleep and the crackers are still going strong outside, soundproof your room as much as possible. Hang heavy curtains, and if you don’t have very heavy curtains, hang your heaviest bedsheets from the curtain rods. Keep a towel or heavy cloth at all cracks in the window so it absorbs the sound. Put your baby to sleep and cover him. Keep a lot of pillows around him to keep him snug. Then stay with him because he will need you if he still wakes up from a very loud cracker.

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