Is having another baby right for you? *Fun post*

Having another baby is a life-changing decision, just as much as the first one was. Whether it’s missing the pregnancy from loving it before, or wanting a companion for a firstborn, it’s a big decision and one, which only you and your partner are equipped to make. Here are some fun things to consider though –Yes –1. Been there done that. To me, the second baby is always the way to put to action all the stuff you’ve learned from parenting the first. No co-sleeping. No bottles. No diapers past the age of 1. There are so many gems here. And I could enjoy the baby instead of think that her steady breathing wasn’t normal.2. Friends for life. Think about it. If you had a sibling, you know how it was growing up with them. Hair tearing but tear jerkingly loving too. You’re giving them a companion, a mate to do all the girl/boy talk with, and a friend for life long after you’re gone. At least in theory.

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3. The age gap. You can argue this one whichever way you like. If it’s really close, you can say they’ll be besties and all at once you’ll be rid of diapers, bottles and what not. If it’s well spaced, you can say they won’t fight much, the elder one will help you take care of the younger one, etc.4. We are more experienced. Just for laughs.5. Expense friendly. You’ve probably saved a lot of your firstborn’s clothes, books, toys and what not. Even if you have a baby of the opposite gender, most of these things are gender neutral for the first year anyway. And even if you’re tempted to buy that adorable baby tutu, you know better now.

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No–1. Are you crazy? Have you forgotten the sleepless nights, the zombie walks and the poopy diaper smell? You’re finally at a stage where you needn’t carry a backpack bigger than some animals in order to have everything you need. Remember that cute sling bag you bought? Kiss it goodbye for the next 3 years.2. We are older. Yes we. Not just you, who gave birth, but we, as a couple. And when you were pregnant the first time and just wanted to drop on your bed and fall asleep for 3 hours, no one stood in your way. Now imagine doing it all with your pint sized tornado zooming around the house. Ex-haus-ting!

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3. Pre-kg fees. There used to be a time when people jokingly said, “We’ll pick our favorite child and send him to college.” Those times are here. And who’s gonna pay all the way to college? Children are expensive. And you won’t realize quite how much till you look into pre-kg education which is now more than your own college fees were, a decade ago. The kids can share their clothes, books and toys. An education? Probably not.Ultimately, it’s those moments when you see the videos of your firstborn’s or first few pictures that make you go awww that make you sign-up for the madness all over again. And life is short. In 4 short years, you lay have reclaimed your life back and have 2 undeniable treasures for life. The ball is in your court, no pun intended.Featured Image Source