This Is Irfan’s Approach Towards Parenting

Actor Irrfan wants his sons, Babil and Ayaan, to deal with life their way, but be careful about what they opt for. Here is his parenting mantra.

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That star kids will follow in the footsteps of their successful parent(s) is a presumption in Bollywood. Actor Irrfan, a name to reckon with in Hindi cinema as well as Hollywood, doesn’t want his children to fall prey to that expectation. “My approach towards parenting is that you expose them to as many things as possible and let them decide on their own,” says Irrfan, who has two sons, Babil and Ayaan, with wife Sutapa Sikdar.

Babil, the elder one, is already exploring the world of cinema. The 18-year-old assisted cinematographer Eeshit Narain on Irrfan’s film Qarib Qarib Singlle (2017), and also played a small role in it. Irrfan is happy with his son’s interest in films, but is quick to add that Babil is a strong-headed person who “knows what he’d enjoy, and is not dependant” on his father’s advice. “He was exploring camera and lighting... He loves his world and is fascinated with the way I look at life, the way I think and take decisions, and he respects it,” he says.

Has Babil decided what he enjoys more — acting or working behind the camera? “He’s more into what happens behind the camera, I don’t think he is interested in acting but you never know,” says Irrfan, adding that he’s “not someone who will push my children” into doing things they don’t want to. “I’d feel helpless if my child is feeling incomplete without my advice or support… I want them to deal with life in their own way but not hurry into something; they should be careful about what they opt for.”

The actor elaborates, “Sometimes, the society creates aspirations in you… You don’t have your own dream but you borrow it from somewhere else. My only advice to my children is: Just give time to find your voice, don’t worry about what’s going to happen if things go wrong; don’t worry about money. Everything will fall in place if you give your best.”