International schools in Hyderabad, 2017: The top 5

International schools in Hyderabad: The top 5

Hyderabad has become an IT hub and a lot of families from the world over are now calling it home. It is no surprise then that there are quite a few International schools in Hyderabad that provide world class education to the young families that are increasingly moving in here.

Zenparent has curated a list of the top international schools in Hyderabad. These rankings have been compiled from Education World Rankings and are based on a host of different parameters which include (but are not limited to):

  • Competence of Faculty

  • Academic reputation

  • Co-curricular education

  • Sports education

  • Safety and Hygiene

  • Pastoral care

  • Value for money

1. International School of Hyderabad

Profile: The International School of Hyderabad is a dynamic international school in which each individual is valued and challenged and inspired to become a responsible global citizen.  Individualized and personalized approach to learning is the main forte of the school, placing high priority on learning how to learn, learning by doing and critical thinking skills.

The school focuses on preparing students for universities abroad. Most graduating students attend universities in the United States that have competitive admission requirements.

Location: Patancheru

Established: 1972


Board: CIE, IBO

Fee: 6,00,000

Number of students: 230

2. Indus International School

Profile: The school aims to strike an excellent balance between the social, academic and cultural environment for the students. The comprehensive education leads to great developments in the students intellectually and there is an environment of discipline, order, independence and brotherhood at the school campus.

Location: RR District

Established: 2008


Board: CIE, IBO

Fee: 5,00,000

Number of students: N/A

3. Oakridge International School, Newton Campus

Profile: The school focuses on global education, open-minded intellectual engagement, nimble thinking, strong problem-solving skills, multicultural friendships, cognitive, development and creativity.

The school is spread across 5 acres facilitating state-of-the-art amenities to its students. The students regularly bag  laurels and awards through participation in various literary, cultural and sports events.

Location: Nanakramguda road, Gachibowli

Established: 2002



Fee: 5,00,000

Number of students: 2424

4. The Aga Khan Academy

Profile: Students of the Aga Khan academy pursue a well-balanced education combining intellectual inquiry, academic excellence, sporting and cultural activities and grounding in ethics and moral reasoning.

Developing skills on critical thinking and analysis forms the core of the academy’s educational approach. The academy also has a Professional Development Centre for teachers and educators, to meet the ever-changing educational demands.

Location: Maheshwaram Mandal, R.R. District

Established: 2011


Board: IBO

Fee: 7,00,000

Number of students: 750

5. CHIREC International School, Hyderabad

Profile: CHIREC was conceived to provide academic excellence and a well-rounded learning experience to students in Hyderabad. Today, CHIREC International is ranked among the Best Schools in Hyderabad, Telangana and India.

Location: Kondapur, Kothaguda

Established: 1989


Board: CIE, IBO

Number of students: N/A