Improving Calcium Intake for your milk-hating Child naturally!

We all know that Calcium is an important mineral for building strong bones and teeth in children- and the minute we think of Calcium, by default we think of milk. When we were growing up, our moms told us to drink milk and that was the end of that. But for a few reasons it is not always possible for our children to drink milk:1. They hate the taste of it and find every excuse not to drink it2. They cannot drink milk because they have a bad cold or asthma and congestion and milk will make it worse3. They are lactose intolerant, a condition where the body is unable to break down the lactose in milk and therefore suffer from stomach pains, cramps etc.4. They have a milk allergy which causes an allergic reaction to the protein in the milk5. If you have a child that is unable to drink milk for any of these conditions, then here are a few alternatives through which you can increase the calcium intake of your child.

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a. Almonds : Almonds are a power food and besides Calcium, they also have Vit E, copper, magnesium, protein and protect you from a host of diseases.b. Paneer : This Indian staple is rich in calcium and of course very versatile and can be consumed as an appetizer, entrée, in salads, soups etc.c. Broccoli : This super food improves the absorption of Calcium and also contains Vitamin C, K, A and potassium and its high fiber content prevents constipation.d. Green leafy vegetables : Green leafy vegetables besides calcium have iron and Vitamins A, C and K and are fibre rich.e. Beans like Rajma, Channa, Peas are not only rich in protein but also in Calcium. Include them as part of your daily diet.f. Turnip (Noolkol/Shalgam) : This is not a favourite food for most of us because it has a slightly bitter taste, but it is highly rich in Calcium and including it in your diet at least once a week is great to up the calcium in your diet.g. Yogurt : Some children who are intolerant to Milk are still able to have yogurt. So if your child doesn’t like the taste of milk, try yogurt instead and give it to him whenever you were thinking of giving him milk !calcium sources other than milk- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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It is not enough if you ingest Calcium rich foods but you should also have enough Vitamin D for the Calcium to be effectively absorbed into your body. You can read about Vitamin D sources @ For Kids- The Super Essential Sunshine Vitamin!  Featured Image Source