The Importance of stretching after workout

We all know the importance of exercise. We all stretch before exercise. Why, because it prepares the body for exercise. However, most of us overlook the importance of stretching after an exhausting exercise. Stretching the worn out and sore muscle after exercise has several advantages. You may have noticed the basic principle of yoga is nothing but the stretching. People of all ages, young as well as old, could experience the benefit of stretching. This is why stretching plays an important role in any sort of exercise or rehabilitation program. Making stretching a part of daily routine, just like exercise, can do wonders for your body.

What are the advantages of stretching after a workout?

Ø Stretching improves blood circulation:

When you work out, lactic acid starts to gather in your muscles. This often leads to muscle soreness and fatigue, one of the reasons that many people skip exercising. Stretching increases the blood flow to the muscles, thereby getting rid of the lactic acid accumulation. This brings down the chances of muscle soreness and fatigue.

Ø Stretching increases flexibility:

Increasing the flexibility of the muscle and the body is one of the important advantages of stretching after the exercise. Bending, squatting, sit-ups etc. can be performed without difficulty.

Ø Stretching provides a greater range of mobility:

Muscles that have not been stretched, shows a tendency to remain constricted and cannot be able to serve its purpose fully. However, if you stretch the muscles after workouts, you will be able to get maximum output. It also promotes the muscle tone. Stretching also allows different muscles to synchronize properly. All these help to increase the range of your motion.

Ø Stretching  helps  gradual cooling down of the body:

Step by step cooling down of the body and gradual reduction of the increased heart rate due to workout are very important after a workout. Stretching along with deep breathing will help the body to cool down more easily.

Stretching helps to relieve psychological stress and strain:

Stretching when coupled with deep breathing, helps to get rid of psychological stress and strains as it triggers some hormone actions.

Is there any situation that not encourage the stretching?

Irrespective of the advantages of the stretching, it is not advisable if:

Ø You just come out of a muscle injury or experiencing a pain from a muscle injury. Stretching the already injured muscle fiber can aggravate the pain and injury.

Ø You have a  healing broken bone. Stretching the muscles around the broken part will delay the healing process. Furthermore, it is better not to go for stretching exercise even if the broken bone is healed without getting a green signal from your doctor

Ø You have a joint sprain. The sprain happens when the ligaments, the fibrous tissues that support the bones and cartilages in the joints, is over-stretched or torn. Stretching before the healing process is completed can worsen the issue.

Does stretching help to reduce the chances of injury?

Irrespective of all its advantages, stretching after the workout has nothing to do with preventing the chances of injury. You can still get injured due to a wrong move or use the muscle in wrong way.

What happens if you don’t stretch after a workout?

Skipping the stretching after a workout will cause more harm to your body than the benefits of the workout. Like the Stretching increases the flexibility and your range of actions, not stretching can considerably bring down the range of mobility of the joints and muscles. This will increase your risk for injury—especially if the workouts persistently put pressure on the muscles. Not stretching enough will pull the muscle towards the joints, thereby causing severe pain.

Patella Tendonitis is an injury caused to the Patellar tendon that attaches the bottom of the kneecap, called patella, to the top of the shin bone. This is one of the serious outcomes if you skip the stretching after exercise.

How long should stretch after a workout?

How long you have to stretch after a workout relies on several factors like your fitness level, how flexible you are, how hard was your workout, etc. However, stretching for about 10 minutes at the end of their workout will be adequate. While stretching concentrate on the muscles you used more during the workout. If you just finished a heavy weight workout, it is recommended to stretch those muscles after each exercise to bring down the chances of the strain on the muscle. Also, never try to stretch beyond the point where the stretching cause pain. On the other hand, gett