If you believe your ancestors “curses” (pitra dosha) influence your present, here’s what you need to do

There are times when we feel like nothing is working out. Despite efforts that seem fool-proof, professional and personal happiness seems out of reach. One of the main reasons for this, according to Vedic astrologers if pitra dosha, when the affected individual’s birth chart features unwanted alignments, involving the sun and Rahu (considered a rogue navagraha).

Karmic debt is an important and fundamental concept in Vedic astrology. Misdeeds by ancestors or unnatural deaths that have not been attended to by the required pujas can have a negative effect on an individual’s life, tying in with particular unwanted alignments in his or her birth chart. Pitra dosha is the curse of the ancestors and can be a reason to many failures in a person’s personal and professional endeavours, causing misery to the entire family.

Pitra dosha forms when the family has not performed the required rituals or observed traditions to acknowledge and respect the manes. Manes are the ancestors who died due to unnatural causes, and are also known as Pitra, hence the term Pitra dosha.

Ill Effects of Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha can manifest itself in so many ways. Childlessness and financial problems are some of the effects of Pitra dosha on an individual. Unfortunate accidents causing harm and death are also associated with Pitra dosha. Marital strife and family feuds are caused by stressful situations and are also attributed to Pitra dosha. Incurable illnesses, physical disability of children and scarcity of resources despite all attempts are also a result of this dosha.

Remedies for Pitra Dosha

Find a pandit in Bangalore to help identify which malefic planet has caused the Pitra dosha. This is done by analysing the affected individual’s birth chart. Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja is performed in the month of September to October based on the findings. The puja is meant to pay homage to the ancestors and make up for any slights that have occurred in the past which caused the dosha to originate.

The shastras provide a schedule where you can perform shraadhs for ancestors, if you are not able to perform them on exact death anniversaries. It is believed that during these designated periods, pitrus are able to attend the shraadh ceremonies by their descendants and one can be relieved of Pitra Dosha by this method.

Keeping a fast and performing Shiv Puja on Maha Shiv Ratri is a recommended action to counter the negative effects of Pitra Dosha. Shravan, the fifth month of the Hindu calendar is considered an auspicious time to perform Shiv puja. During this month, Jupiter is in an advantageous alignment and you can receive divine blessings during this most auspicious month. Depending on your preference, you can find a pandit to perform these rituals.

Another practice to counter the ill-effects of Pitra dosha is to show respect to the elderly and spend time with them. Gifting old people with material that they need is a noble practice that is part of the solution to Pitra dosha.

Pitra Dosha Pariharan

The affected individual must perform the yearly Pitra dosha pariharan to appease the departed and ancestors. There is a thithi or chosen day every month where the prayers must be offered and the Pitra dosha pariharan must be done with help from a Vedic expert of your preference.

Famous Temples for Pitra Dosha Parihara

There are specific temples across the country where Pitra dosha pariharan and Shraddha can be performed with impactful results. It is a practice that the Pitra Dosha Parihara in its first year must be done in designated temples. Trimbakeshwar temple, Rameshwaram temple or Seshampadi (near Kumbakonam) are temples where you can atone for Pitra Dosha by offering Shraddha to your ancestors. If you are looking for a South Indian pandit in Bangalore, or in nearby areas of Karnataka to perform your puja for you then the coastal temple town of Gokarna is a good option. Gokarna is one of the famous sites for atonement from Pitra Dosha. Thiruvengadu temple near Sirgazhi and Srivanchiyam temple near Thiruvarur are other important temples in South India, famous for this particular puja.

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