If parenting laws existed, these 10 Laws would stand true for every parent

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1. Law of unconditional loveThis law states that children are to be guided lovingly, with age-appropriate limits to keep them safe. Parents are to become the children’s ‘emotional coach’, teaching them appropriate ways to channel their feelings. This law helps raise calmer, happier and more secure kids.2. Law of TrustThis law states that parental love is to be expressed through care and trust. Care is the bond in any relationship, and trust is responsible for independence and freedom in that relationship. If parents trust their children’s capacity to manifest their dreams, the children feel empowered.3. Law of teaching by example and demonstration This law states that parents are to teach values by demonstrating values. Children need examples and simple instructions. They need the parents to show them what they want and how they want it. Children listen, learn, copy and adapt to behaviours and beliefs about the world and themselves through the perceptions of their parents.Children also need practice. They repeat each activity about hundred times before it becomes natural to them.4. Law of thought, word, and deedThis law is based on the premise that the words uttered by parents or other caregivers become a self-fulfilling prophecy for their children - creating either the roots of fear or love.Children, especially under 7 years of age, take each word spoken by their parents or caregivers as absolute truth without questioning it, because they cannot differentiate between themselves and their parents, particularly the mother.

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The thoughtless use of words can cause untold damage to the developing psyches of children. In fact, harsh immature words can cause more damage than all other forms of abuse put together. This damage occurs despite the fact that in most cases the parents or caregivers love their wards dearly and do not intend to hurt them.By changing the way elders communicate with their children, they can help them become more confident and emotionally strong. One of the best ways to become a Zen parent is to think about the words we use and the impact it has on our children.5. Law of deliberate creationThis law states that parents are to guide their children to realize that everything they seek is within them and they are the sole creators of their reality.6. Law of purposeLaw of purpose states that each child is a unique individual, with a clear and definite purpose in life; which effectively means that even though our children come through us they are not our property and it is not up to us to direct their lives! We have lived many lifetimes before this one. Some of these lifetimes have been lived with our current life children, though not necessarily in the same roles. Based on their experiences and lessons learnt in previous lifetimes, our children bring a unique set of challenges into this lifetime, which are required for their growth.There is little that we can teach our children and much that we can learn from them.7. Law of polarityThis law states that we live in a world of polarity or duality, which serves us to expand our awareness and fine-tune our preferences. Our children can know what is good for them only when they know what is bad for them. Parents are there to help them integrate the polarities within and outside – and maintain a healthy balance.

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8. Law of onenessLaw of oneness tells us that in this universe we are all inter-connected and interdependent. Each person - including the ones we are not too fond of - is an embodiment of love and divinity; hence effectively we are one. Parents are to teach their children about asking for and offering help when required, from the paradigm of oneness.9. Law of uniquenessLaw of uniqueness states that each child has a unique personality and temperament, and their particular abilities need to be encouraged and developed - only then can children find their inner strengths.10. Law of attractionLaw of attraction states that like attracts like. Our energy and its frequency attract the like frequencies in our life. Parents are to tell their children that what they focus upon manifests in their life, and what they resist persists.Click here to know 5 ways to stop worrying too much and start enjoying the journey of parenting!Featured Image Source