If astrology is true then is everything fated and how can I change my fate

Astrology has been offered to mankind as an ultimate tool to help people find their way in life. It helps us to come into harmony with the seasons of our lives. Just as a seed takes less time in coming to fruition if it is planted in the season, likewise astrology helps in predicting favorable time periods of different activities in our life. Our horoscopes are maps of our karma which reveals schedule of events that will unfold throughout our lives showing the unalterable past and its probable future results. Astrologers offer predictions on all aspects related to our family, career, health, business, marriage etc. they help people to navigate through the birth chart and make discriminative choices along the way. So, let’s find an answer to the fact that if astrology is true then is everything fated.

Fate versus destiny

Fate is planned divinely whereas destiny is formed by man’s will to take chances for betterment.  Fate refers to the idea that our future is already predetermined.  Some people believe that they can do nothing to change their fate whereas there are other brave people who don’t give up and try to overcome their fate. What if we could find out what our fate beholds? Well, in that case, one can keep a track of forthcoming good and bad times with the help of astrology and plan actions accordingly. Some things can be foreseen. One can decide to go with the flow or make use of current and adapt.  You can take control of what you have and use astrology to know what is to come around the corner. Everyone has challenges to meet; everyone has obstacles in life so, make use of resources to meet challenges in life. Astrology can help you to take conscious decisions by channeling your negative energy into positive endeavors.  Everything is not fated! Get off your butts to make it happen. If you don’t shoot for something, you will never get anywhere. Future is not written in a stone, it’s more like a fluid with infinite possibilities.

Astrology helps to predict happenings in advance

We are not wise enough to see a purpose behind a moment and so we must be open to difficulty and pain as well. Always live for the moments as you may not be able to experience those moments again and don’t forget to laugh at the confusion too. Nothing happens by chance, you meet people for a reason either you change their life or they change yours. Sometimes some things seem unfair and horrible at first but in reflection, you find that by overcoming those obstacles you have discovered your will power and potential. When you are caught up in a situation of no hope, when you are in a very weak state of mind, take help of astrology for it pinpoints and interprets your unique strengths and characteristics. It helps to predict happenings in advance. It not only provides a way to absolve future decisions and current situations but it also gives information and assurance about the future. Thus, it works quite well for whosoever visits an astrologer feels benefitted and satisfied as well. If you are depressed in your life and losing confidence then consult an astrologer for he can explain in detail where you are falling back and what remedies you can take to achieve success. Astrology is indeed a science which was studied in depth by the intellectuals in the past. It definitely has substance.

Astrologer’s guidance is like GPS

We are bound by our past and present life karmas. During the current life, our fate is fixed. For example, if one is fated to become an engineer and facing obstacles; then astrology can help in overcoming hurdles in the path and help to make a better decision based on his/her inherent strength. Astrology can be used as a remedial measure and also as a preventive measure. Karmic remedies can pacify negative impact of the planet. Performing havan in your home creates a peaceful environment and gives you the inner strength to bear the problems. Astrologers guide us like GPS, which helps to reach the destination quickly without confusion.  Believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes and accomplish your goals. Please note that we are in the perfect place always. Where we are at present is setting the stage for our future. We must always hear to our inner self and figure out our next move to claim our desire for the future.

We can always change our fate through hard work and perseverance. Just as a traffic light only signals the time to go or stop, it’s actually our step on brake or accelerator that makes the car move and vice versa.  Similarly, Astrologers can only help people to see into the blind spots of past and future. Our choices in life create our destiny.

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