‘I was shit scared, probably a little more than my wife’!

My son turned two last month, and after a fail party at the daycare he finally decided all that he wanted was some silent time with us. And so his second birthday turned out to be a calm one. However, just like other parents, the day he came into the world 11.5.2015 is one I can never forget.

My wife was due on May 21st, 2015, but our little man had other plans! May 1st was a Friday and I was soaking in the long weekend. We had planned to go to the beach and then do dinner at a fancy place which served the best sizzlers (simply because it was Mrs. V’s latest craving). All was well until my wife woke up at 7:15 am to tell me she wasn’t feeling great. The first delivery happens at the girl’s place according to Indian tradition, and that is something I am truly thankful for.

After a couple of hours, she complained of pain in her lower back. Her mother insisted we waited a little while before we rushed to the hospital. After canceling all plans, we had a simple lunch (with tensed faces) and then began packing. Fear, happiness, excitement, anxiety – I could say my emotions were all over the place. Finally, around 5 pm we reached the hospital. The doctors examined her and told us she had started dilating, but there was a long way to go. So we mutually agreed to get back home and come back when needed (home was less than 3 kms away).

We went to bed, unable to sleep. She was in a nagging pain and I was worried. At that point, I felt like a spare part – useless and not needed. In order to take her head off the pain and comfort her in the little way I could, we watched out favourite sitcom – Friends. Joe’s humour kept us sane and that night passed by. Well, so did many others. Mrs. V was still in pain, one that would not die nor shoot up.

Like most other couples, we did multiple trips to the hospital only to hear that there was still time. By this time I was tired going up and down the hospital doors, but Mrs. V did not utter a word of frustration. I was in awe; like pure awe and that was when I decided I would be inside the labour room, no matter what! Knowing the man I am, V and I had discussed I would not stay inside the room. But, I wanted to be there for her and my baby. So, I secretly made up my mind.

After 9 long days, the 10th night was a nightmare for us. She couldn’t sit, sleep, walk or eat and was digging into my skin in pain. Not a word, again! She remained mute only hoping she was dilated enough to be admitted. And finally the next morning she was 4cms and they admitted her.

After a long wait of almost 5 hours, she was ready to be taken into the labour room. This was when my hands and legs truly trembled. I had also instructed the doctor I wanted to cut the umbilical cord. So when we finally began to make our way into the delivery room I began to get nervous about how to use a scissor. While I practiced the motion in my head, my wife was screaming and screeching in pain. Meanwhile, the doc warned me she cannot get an extra bed inside and that there will be a lot of gory stuff and smell. I pretended to know it all, smiled and walked in.

And then started the big chorus “PUSH”! I guess this is the mantra heard during the last stage of labour. After a lot of pulls, pushes, and poops, there he was a three and a half kilo thing kicking and screaming. I stood in awe amidst blood and poop. My shirt had blood stains too. However, the only thing I could see at that moment was my little baby. The doctor cut the cord herself. I was annoyed at first, but nothing could stop me from smiling at that moment. It was a boy, everyone announced. It was all perfect, as perfect as it could get maybe!

At that moment I felt I had not heard anything more beautiful than his cry! It made me cry! It made my wife cry! Everything and everyone in the room looked beautiful to me. He was then cleaned and handed over to me. That sight is something I swear I will remember till my last breath.

THIS was the day we were longing for, the moment we longed for, the face we longed to see and he was finally in our arms. All ours!

All I know was that I was shit scared, probably a little more than my wife, but hey there can be no parallel than watching a child being born, your child being born. That was the day everything changed! My world changed and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Yes, like any other daddy, I was expecting to narrate Little Red Riding Hood and order Frozen cakes but hey superheroes and airplanes are fun too!