I pledge to loving myself, I pledge to health

This summer, put aside lame excuses and get fit. I've always struggled with my weight since I left school. School and college was the last time I played sport regularly. The more I talk about this,  the more I realise there are more women like  me,  who give up sport and fitness because there are so few opportunities around for women to play sport, and in turn keep fit. Well, it get a lot worse when you've just had a baby. At least for most of us. Some of us go right back to pre-baby weight, someone of don't care and yet some of us, want to get back to being healthy and fit. And believe me, if you'll thank yourself (and us, if you join us) for working on your fitness. Apart from looking and feeling great, you'll also be a lot less exhausted when your kid starts to run around and you have to run around behind her[zp_fitness_program]In the first two years of your baby's life, your life is dramatically different and you possible don't even know where time or your energy is going. The first thing most new mothers throw out of the window is fitness and health. Too exhausted, too busy, kid gives you no break, and the list goes on. They're all legit reasons -- but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that new mothers make absolutely no time to take care of themselves. I made that mistake when I had my first baby. So I know exactly where you are. Make no mistake, physical fitness is definitely taking care of yourself, that too in a much bigger way than getting a beauty treatment done or oiling your hair.Post baby, we’ve quit gym because where on earth is time for it! We’ve quit dance lessons, kick-boxing classes, running training all because life. These time-and-energy consuming activities are the first things we give up when they should be the last things that we do! Even though we know tons of women who will swear the reason they're sane and confident is because they work out no matter what. [bmi_calculator cmp_url="https://zenparent.in/parenting/4-best-weighing-scales-under-rs-1000" cmp_url_text="Find the Perfect Weighing Machine for You" pre_text="Start Getting Fit and Monitor Your Progress with a Weighing Machine"]So here's your opportunity to fix that and to feel way better about your health. Whether you're a new mum, a mum to a toddler, or a mum to a preschooler, the ZenParent Fitness Program is exactly the thing for you. Sheba Pai, who runs makemyworkout.com, is spearheading the programme where women across the country are making the pledge to put their health first. Put aside your excuses, bring out your trainers, and get a move on. A commitment to your body and to your mind (your mind automatically feels better when your body is in great condition); a commitment to your family because a healthy you makes a healthy everybody. But most of all a commitment that you will do everything to make sure you are healthy, fit and loving towards yourself.[women_day_message]