I haven’t maintained a month by month account of my baby’s growth

Worrying I think is one of the job hazards of being a parent. It comes with the package. I have sincerely tried not to be the worrying and obsessing mother but there have been times when I have just been that! You would think I would be better by baby number 2, eh? Ha ha ha!Anyways, the little one finally rolled over on his tummy the other day. I did not get the official first attempt on record but I did manage to record the second attempt. At 5 months people were beginning to get me a little jittery about why he was making no moves to cross this milestone. I sent the recording to a few close friends and family. I must admit I love to listen to the “Awwwws!!” So a friend messaged back saying "That is one tick on the milestone chart, note the date!" I was like "I do not have a milestone chart. I am not recording any dates. I did not do it for my elder one either." She is super cool so didn’t make any judgements but I am sure many in her place would have. I mean who in this time and age where one records everything - first smiles to first birthdays, first steps to first falls, etc. does not record her baby’s progress? You have amazing inch thick baby books available to capture all the little memories, day by day!!


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I chose not to keep a record of anything and I am pretty convinced I made the right choice. You want to know why?

1. Parenting is work enough. Maintaining records takes up way too much energy and time which I am sure as a parent you already are short of. 2. Keeping track of and recording the baby's progress takes your attention and time off actually experiencing your child's activities.3. It stresses you unnecessarily. 5 months and the child should roll over on to her tummy. 5 months and 1 day, if she is not doing it you are praying to all the gods you know that your baby is fine and should roll soon.4. What is important is crossing the various stages, a month on month tracking just makes one obsess over the time taken to cross the stages. 5. It kind of makes you a competitive parent. I have heard so many parents go, "Oh Adi walked at 1 yr 2 months only? My son was running around at 10months itself!" I sure did not know we were running a race. 6. If you do it for one, you have to do it for all the others. And that is not fun let me tell you.7. You unknowingly tend to compare kids, even your own if you have more than one. He had more hair, he smiled a lot more, he is so much friendlier, he started speaking sooner, etc. The younger one is under constant pressure to perform as well or outdo the elder sibling.Also anyone who knows me, knows only too well that I am never going to find this record next year, let alone finding it 10, 15 or 20 yrs down the line. So I honestly didn’t want to bother!I haven't maintained a month by month account of my baby's growth and progress. And that's how I want to do it.I haven't maintained a month by month account of my baby's growth and progress. And that's how I want to do it.So what is it going to be for you and your baby? On the records or off it?