‘I had an orgasm during pregnancy and this is what it was like’!

I hated everything about pregnancy – the endlessly growing bump, the morning sickness, the sore nipples, the swollen ankle….pretty much everything! And by my third trimester, my stomach was almost over my breasts, giving me the worst heartburn I could ever imagine. And my ligaments felt like it would tear anytime.

But, in between these moments, I wish to admit that I enjoyed some of the best orgasms of my life. THE BEST! Well, this is something not all women like to talk about, isn’t it? But then, it is important we let other women realise that sex is an integral part of pregnancy and that it will not kill your little human in there.

At first, I was ashamed and quite disoriented about my sexual desires, while I was making a baby in there. Seriously, there is someone in there watching all of it, and it was kind of confusing. It definitely felt weird to feel sexy in the middle of making a human (quite literally in the middle it all). But, blame it on the hormones, Biology intends pregnancy to be the best time to have sex. Also, estrogen increases the blood flow in your genitals, boosting your desire even more. And of course, the increased progesterone pampers you with glowing skin and hair.

And lastly, oxytocin or the ‘love hormone’ makes you feel hornier and is also responsible for the contraction and relaxation that happens during pregnancy. So, with all these goodies around, I was pretty sure pregnancy was the right time to have the best orgasm ever. I also had friends who told me they had multiple orgasms during pregnancy. However, one thing that often left me curious was how and why pregnancy books did not have a chapter on orgasms.

I do get that it is a taboo topic (whether you like it or not) and not many are comfortable mixing making a baby with having an over-the-top orgasm. But, aren’t we all mature to keep the two separate? In fact, I consider myself a liberal woman and still kept this part of my experience hidden and private. I also understand some women  shiver in fear about messing with their lady parts during pregnancy, leave alone having an orgasm. But thankfully, nature has it a little easy and permits sex during pregnancy, unless, of course there is a clinical condition.

The fact is, orgasms during pregnancy is absolutely possible and women must not shy away from talking about it. So, ladies, don’t feel embarrassed to scream from the roof top about that mind-blowing orgasm you had when your stomach was almost hitting your boobs.

Pregnancy definitely is taxing and stressful, but with it comes a few perks which are hardly spoken about. So, go out and about and enjoy it all until it lasts. Also, I think God gave us this gift ONLY to make up for the fact that we will have nothing to do with sex for weeks or even months after the baby arrives!

Feature image source: scarrymommy.com