I embarrass my daughter and she loves it

Nothing, absolutely nothing, stops me from letting my daughter know that she is the most special person in the world to me. Not even her feigned embarrassment. I often plant a kiss on her teenaged cheek and giving her a hug suddenly, in the middle of whatever it is that we are doing. That it comes from a place of joy and spontaneity makes the surprise much more joyful, for her and for me. That really is what I want for her in life – the ability to feel special, to appreciate spontaneity and to feel joy. Being a parent day in and day out means we sometimes forget to make that extra effort to make our child feel as special as she is.A child who feels loved and special to her family grows into a loving and special adult. Through trial and error, I’ve come up with various ways over the years to show my love to her in many ways. Some are spontaneous, some are built up, and some are traditions.Take the thing I do with her snack box, for example. I have been doing this ever since she began school: I put a little note in her box. Heartfelt words of my love and warmth towards her, or just a simple “I love you, baby!” She actually retains these notes and it fills me with pride to see that they hold as much emotional importance to her as they do for me.Things like a great meal, clean, fragrant sheets on the bed and a host of other things make a child feel cared for, sure, but they needn’t necessarily make her feel special. Making them feel special is about lending them support, care and unconditional love; such children grow up to well-balanced and confident adults. Think back to your own childhood – are these not the same reasons you are great parents?I have a few suggestions, if you  haven’t already thought of them, that you could use in  your own life to make your child sparkle with the feeling of being special, just a little more.
  1. Handwrite special messages and put them in places they would look but not expect. Pencil boxes, pillows, favourite snack box and, my favourite, the tiffin box. Their response is way more worth than the trouble.
  1. Pick a day when only you and the child are around. Then spend that day entirely exclusively with them. Focus your attention on your child really touches her.
  1. Kids love to see pictures of themselves. That you may remember each instance when the pictures were taken makes them feel special. They may fake disinterest or even embarrassment, but, trust me, they are pleased on the inside.
  1. Surprise them by preparing, in the middle of the week, their most favourite homemade dessert. Nothing like dessert and the knowledge of the effort you’ve made to make them feel great.
  1. Your kids may never ask you to but it makes them feel very special when they see you waiting at the gate of your home – doing nothing else but waiting for them.
And finally, remember that if you want to teach your child the importance of paying attention to the person with them, you must show by example. Avoid using gadgets when you are with your child – it tells them they are special and teaches them the value of being ‘present’. Can you think of other things that you could do to make your child feel loved? I’d love to hear more.Click here to read about this woman who shares how her married life changed after becoming a mom.Featured Image Source