I chose to formula feed my son. Read this before you judge me!

There is no doubting the fact that breast milk is the best nutrition a mother can give her baby. But, after I delivered my son, things panned out differently for me, which got me wondering if ‘breastfeeding’ was a little over-hyped. I was in labour for a good 18 hours. My vitals were stable and my son seemed to be too comfortable to get out and meet the world. However, after all the screeches and screams, a little boy weighing 3.5 kgs was thrown on my chest. And like for any other mom that moment shall remain etched in my memory forever.

All was well after that and my son would feed, sleep, bathe and do all of it without throwing a fit. Two days later I got discharged and brought him home. Little did I know what was in store! The first night with him at home was a literal nightmare. Lil N would just not stop crying and no amount of nursing or cuddling helped. We would rush to the hospital at wee hours, wondering what could be wrong. This episode happened repeatedly for about 3 days and the fourth day my mommy instinct told me to try formula. And I cannot be thankful enough. 

Now, if you are judging me thinking I was not getting enough milk, let me tell you I ate healthy through my pregnancy, fed my son in the first fifteen minutes after he was born and did all the other so called ‘healthy’ practices every pregnant woman or new mom was expected to do. And despite all that I had to resort to formula and ladies, let me tell you I have no qualms about it.

What mattered to me at that point was a howling baby on my shoulder, a restless, panicking mom, and a helpless father. This was the scenario and formula was a saviour for all of us at that point. While I am a complete advocate of the fact that breast milk boosts immunity, helps you bond with your baby, provides special nourishment to the baby’s brain and a whole lot of other things, I definitely will not take lightly to mom shaming me just because I picked the bottle for my son.

My story was different and this could have been the case with many other moms too. So, while I am proud and happy about how much breastfeeding had evolved and been accepted, I often wonder if people are as open and vocal about formula feeding their babies. Let’s admit it! Somewhere mothers who formula feed their babies are looked down as irresponsible, incapable or even a woman who did not care enough for her baby. I, personally had a tough time explaining to people about why formula and why no breast. 

But, ladies and gentlemen, it's high time we unwind from the idea of mom shaming those moms who resorted to bottles instead of breast. Things worked out differently for me. Today, my son is two years old, has met all his milestones and is as happy and healthy as a breastfed baby. And he also has a mom who is 100% hands-on and is not one bit guilty about not breastfeeding him. Isn’t that the best a mom can give her baby?

Breastfeeding is the best, but ladies, do not take lightly to mom shaming! Happy breastfeeding!  

Feature Image Source: goodtoknow.co.uk