“I am tired”- Decoding emotional, physical and mental exhaustion

“I am so tired, my tired is tired,” says a mother on her way to work. My house help who worked with us for years started failing at most chores and eventually gave up working altogether. She told me that he felt like she couldn’t get up from her bed. She kept lying down all day even as her husband goaded her to get to work. He called her lazy and they frequently fight. On the phone she told me, “I can’t work anymore didi.” In most households when a mother is down, the home comes to a standstill and finger pointing becomes routine.

As stress adds to our workplaces, people all over the globe are complaining about the all-day-fatigue they feel, despite adequate rest and nutrition. A lethargy that is so all pervasive that despite enough provocation by well meaning partners, one feels irritable and unable to perform to one’s previous energy levels. The interesting thing is that it is not class determined. People within the age group of 20-50 are complaining of a wearing-out that is indicative of a body that needs love and care.

Listen to your body. That’s the smartest advice any doctor could give. Here is a quick guide for you to understand what could be reasons for your fatigue. In each case, visiting a doctor is strongly recommended:


1. Anaemia: Lack of red blood cells (RBCs) that are vital in bringing oxygen from lung to tissues and cells, is the most common cause of constant lethargy amongst vegetarians.

2. Sleep apnea: Frequent breaks in breathing lead to a restless night. Since sleep is the magic restorative for all of us, find out if you have this condition.

3. Chronic fatigue: A dangerous condition which does not have any particular test to diagnose. If you very easily exhausted, you should visit your doctor.

4. Rheumatoid arthritis: When your own immune system is against you and attacks healthy tissue. One of the most common indicators for this is the lethargy one feels all day long.

5. Thyroid: When the endocrine system isn’t working as smoothly as it should, everyday activities like living and breathing can wipe you out.

6. Diabetes: When your body cannot usefully absorb the sugar you need to carry out everyday work, it is time you get a blood sugar checked up.


1. Depression: Since every person experiences depression in their own way, there is no one way to describe this condition. Visit a clinical psychologist to talk about what you are going through.

2. Anxiety: Frequent heart stopping anxiety attacks, lead to the feeling of all day tiredness. This is a well researched condition that is treatable. Be sure to visit your doctor.

3. Boredom: Is your environment not stimulating your brain cells? Many creative people face this ennui and feel unable to meet the social commitments due to a crippling sense of boredom.


1. Unresolved issues: Past issues that have not met with the right closure they need, can lead to a feeling of chronic fatigue.

2. Unhappy marriage: When a marriage has run its course and two people are choking in the airless, suffocating stricture, a latent exhaustion settles in and forces one or both the partners to fall prey to this condition.

3. Lack of clarity about future: When future looks uncertain, the body – servant of the mind) refuses to let you get up and face issues that do not lead to a logical end.

4. Feeling worthless: Feeling worthless is a dangerous condition that needs quick care by a medical professional.