‘I am the mom who serves Maggi for dinner!’

Being a parent is probably the toughest job and I did not have the slightest clue about this, the day you were born. The first few months I battled hard to create that bond with you, know you better and love you like there was no tomorrow and I succeeded in it too! But as days and months rolled by, I did realise I wanted different things from you (and me). While I love to the moon and back, I do want you to know that having you does not mean losing ‘me’.

So, here are 6 honest confessions from a mother who feels she is the best thing her son can have and does not want it any other way!

I am the mom who likes you to be independent

While I totally enjoy feeding you, but I do want you to realise that I have a stomach too, a one that can get as hungry as yours. Being independent is something I have always believed in, from when I was a child and there is no way I will enjoy feeding, cleaning or fighting with your friends for you, all my life. So, dirty your hands and learn from those mistakes, for there is a bad-bad world out there you need to battle. And that battle, my dear needs to be fought all alone.

I am the mom who serves Maggi for dinner

I like to cook, but hey I definitely don’t run a restaurant. Plus I work too! So, on days when I have been unable to get my laptop off my lap, I try and toss something as simple and unhealthy as Maggi. Yes, I am the mom who serves my child Maggie and I am not guilty about it. Remember, you asked for roti that night and I said I wasn’t keeping well? I lied! According to me, I make sure you don’t go to bed hungry and that after a long, hard day is the biggest takeaway for me, as a mother.

I am the mom who likes to be pampered

Kids get pampered right from when they come into the world and end up having kids of their own. But, hey I was a kid too and I definitely deserve to be pampered. So, on days when I am sick, low or need a shoulder, I definitely expect you to be there for me. Moral support aside, you are sure to win my heart by doing simple tasks like fetching me some water, appreciating my cooking or saying how much you love or miss me.  

I am the mom who enjoys a luxurious soak

You get all the attention, love and a luxurious soak too! Yes, I call it luxury simply because it is not time-bound plus it comes with a divine-smelling organic body wash. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a lazy shower! I always shower like someone is holding a gun to my temple! Shampoos and soaps literally mean the same to me these days. I use one head-to-toe so I can get done soon. And hey conditioners are a distant memory simply because I need to wait a good five minutes after applying it and that also means you blowing the roof off! So, PLEASE get hold of the other human in the house (father) at least when I am showering, so that I do some justice to my body too.

I am the mom who dreads your birthdays

There, I said it! Yes, I dread your birthday. Thinking of what to do, making the guest list, deciding the menu, theme, buying the most pricey outfit, planning for return gifts, ordering the best cake (From  the best bakery) and play indoor games with a bunch of kids who definitely don’t care about the damage they are doing to my home, I hate all of it. Sigh!

I am the mom who enjoys night outs with friends

Remember the night when you had to hug daddy a little more because I had to spend a few extra hours at work? Yes. As much as I wonder how you never caught me lying, I am also happy I get that time away with my friends. My dear little one, that night mommy partied hard with her friends and got home late. Thank you for it! And no, guilt did not creep in when you came running to me next morning, only to hug me for having had a long day!

Cheers to all the mommies out there- My kind or otherwise!

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