Questions I hate: “So, when are you going back to work?”

For a woman today, it is a given that they are expected to work in an office or have a career. If you're a true woman, then you better be able to manage her home, her children, her in-laws and, of course, work outside to earn.  Let me tell you right off, this does not resonate with me. Firstly, I do not need any kind of validation from self- proclaimed authorities. Secondly, I really do not think earning money at the cost of not being with my little one makes any real sense.Put simply, I'm happy being with my baby at home. It annoys me greatly when people as when I plan to go back to work.


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Why I choose to stay at home (feel free to use these if you are going through the same thing)
  1. My child is going to be a child only once! How can I compromise on her need for me (or rather my need to be with my little one) by choosing to work?
  2. I am so not comfortable with the idea of leaving my child for long hours under the supervision of a nanny or at a day care while I am work.
  3. My child needs MY attention. I really haven’t chosen to have her to be left with a nanny. She is MY child and MY responsibility
  4. Each moment is different. How can I miss seeing my little one and her antics? No money in this world can ever give me this kind of an experience of watching tiny hands and tiny feet moving around. 
  5. If I choose to leave her to give wings to my career or fulfil needs that can be curbed, what shall I be left with when she grows up? I dread thinking of not being with her when she is with me!
  6. Last and not the least – I AM VERY HAPPY BEING AT HOME WITH HER.


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Why should you avoid asking about work to women who choose to stay at home
  1. It is rude
  2. It is none of your business
  3. She may not have help to take care of her little one
  4. She may have conceived post some treatment or after long years of marriage
When a woman chooses to be with her child at home, trust me, it is not a bad idea at all. Next time you see a woman with a child at home, choosing not to resume work, try not asking, "So when are you going back to work?"